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  1. There's no way they'd rip off classic adventure games Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please!, so it can't be their inventory icon.
  2. A whole Mix N Mojo fleet!
  3. Wild that you predicted the *£*!$!"£$%^&*() nose!
  4. See, I told you all we'd get a trailer. I may have voted that we wouldn't, but that was just a joke.
  5. Wowww, that is a brilliant mix by Dmnkly of his usual Guybrush performance with an impression of Marius and his speech rhythms. SO GOOD.
  6. Amazing! Was DMnkly really in it?
  7. I think maybe the confusion here is that Thunderpeel said that COMI *perfected* "the modern verb-based interface", not that it invented it or even that it invented the 'verb coin/tattoo'. Full Throttle used the concept before COMI, but didn't use the exact same version as COMI and so this doesn't contradict the opinion that COMI perfected it. (I agree with TP that COMI's version is slicker and less fiddly, but I do still have a fondness for FT's metal af version and respect it for coming first.)
  8. What are these "NSFW reasons"? Can you please explain fully?
  9. This may be cheating, but this YouTube channel (which I think is run by someone on these forums?) is full of these kinds of details: https://www.youtube.com/c/legendofmi I binged it a while back. It's amazing how much they stuffed into these games while keeping it unobtrusive.
  10. I haven't watched this yet, but here's Adam Savage looking at one of the original Grail Diary props (which will be going up for auction in a few days!):
  11. To everyone: just as an exercise, what actor or performance from tv or film most matches the Elaine you have in your head? Maybe it's just because of the name, but the one that immediately jumped to mind for me is Elaine in Seinfeld!
  12. I made a fanimation of @Marius's video!
  13. Could a mod split the relevant posts out into a new thread? (If we count all the map posts as 'custom box' discussion, then almost every post from the 11th May onwards could be split out.)
  14. There is a dialogue option when you've been 'Brundled' to try and distract a Purple Tentacle with the old three-headed monkey bit, to which he replies "The only three-headed monkey I can see is in front of me", so I expect most players would have noticed it...
  15. I questioned an entire sentence ("Key personnel that we've grown fond of in the documentary was fired during development, which I think drove the backers of $6,000,000 up the walls.") for things that were definitely incorrect - it was $3mil, the staff were laid off not fired - and questionable interpretation (I would take 'drove backers up the wall' to mean it made them angry, not that it made them sad, and this was all framed as disappointment with Broken Age specifically). I agreed with many of your opinions, and disagreed with others, but I didn't see the value in listing that out. Regarding redistributing staff, I don't think that's a reasonable expectation - the $3million was being spent on Broken Age (which was near completion), I don't see how that could suddenly be used to pay 12 other people. Most game dev companies have to lay people off as projects end or get cancelled, it's pretty standard, and DF had a pretty low turnover rate comparatively over the years.
  16. Yeah, that's my recollection too. Regarding Broken Age in 2022, I haven't replayed it in a long time, perhaps even ever, because I wanted to come to it as fresh as possible without all the Kickstarter/documentary context. I'm really looking forward to replaying it at some point! I'm actually currently doing a playthrough of all the adventure games I own, in release order, but I'm only on Blade Runner at the moment so it'll be a while before I get to it (thankfully I managed to at least get the first three MIs replayed in time for ReMI!). My thoughts at the time, iirc, were that it was great. Looked and sounded gorgeous, fun puzzles, great writing. I would have liked a 'Look At' option, and I did feel like the storytelling at the very end was a tiny bit rushed. I'll be interested to see how/if my opinion changes when playing it in 2022 in the context of other 2014 games and a recent playthrough of thirty years worth of adventure games!
  17. The kickstarter was $3 million. Who got fired? I don't remember that or any backer ire about it...
  18. I'd be interested in seeing some video of this working, maybe pointing out some of the differences from SCUMMVM (like those COMI menu screens someone mentioned)...
  19. I'm not sure what use that site would be to anyone as it just seems to be reposts of Laserschwert's work from 8-10 years ago.
  20. Really weird how scanning tools in 1991 changed ships around so much.
  21. Just watched this interesting video about the history of SOMI speedrunning, and thought I may as well make a topic in case anyone else has any fun stuff to share. The only other one I could think of off the top of my head is this one of Double Fine staff inviting a speedrunner to their studio to show them some strats:
  22. Have you got a link to the actual video, please? Thought it might be on this channel but can't see it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXp8hFquoN6KLwCubmVlIkQ/videos
  23. I know, I was joking What multiverse stuff was there in Escape? Because there isn't any in the picture I posted!
  24. Here's something that many of you may not have realised: Monkey Island has always been explicitly set in a multiverse. 'Prime' Guybrush often meets and interacts with alternate universe versions of himself. Here are a just a few instances:
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