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  1. Taking up the theme of the lucasarts posters What do you think of the work of Greg Winters. I find it shocking.
  2. Hi, check if any of this material can be of use to you. https://www.steamgriddb.com/game/15389 Great work keep going
  3. You still can't stop surprising me Laserschwert. every job you do is on a level almost to perfection. Great job friend.
  4. Excellent contribution, The Adventurer is the magazine that reminds me of those moments of glory from LUCASARTS, you only need N ° 14. And the question that was never resolved, which was THE ADVENTURER 13, was it never released? If anyone knows the story, share it. regards
  5. Waited for so many years, the art that I liked the most of all the lucasarts games, I thank you totally
  6. excellent, very good work, you keep surprising us
  7. is it possible to upload key art without text?
  8. Friend, amazing work, now with the art of rebel assault
  9. I leave these artworks that may be useful to you.
  10. Excellent, seeing your previous work, I know that when you manage to finish this project it will be a success. Waiting for this great job friend.
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