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  1. i only think that the ones that going to buy the "horse" VERSION going not to play it and then they will sell the preorder for a lot of money in ebay .
  2. i wonder what kind of treasure there's more out there , that we don't know about?
  3. they could do LOOM or INDY foa ' i wonder if we get it some day
  4. rogue squadron SUPER REMASTER WITH UNREAL 5 ENGINE and with collector edition with life size helmet
  5. if they put this stuff in the "sam and max hit the road" i am so buy this
  6. what i have done ,,,,, now they just need to get back the" sam and max hit the road collecters edition" that include the pen and the pins
  7. now they need TO put back every old game and make an official MERCHANDISE (we still need all the cool stuff that we couldn't buy back then )
  8. i got the new book ' i couldn't post a pic of it because of the total size https://imgur.com/a/zZrghZL
  9. i know its a short one ,but if you want to get yourself old STAR WARS GAME or MONKEY ISLAND , they will open the sell tomorrow and may luck be with you https://limitedrungames.com/collections/2022-other-blowout
  10. i got it (i feel like indiana jones and the lucasarts pins and stuff)
  11. LOOK AT THIS https://limitedrungames.com/collections/neo-frontpage/products/star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-master-edition-pc
  12. what do you think of this? is it real? any info about it?
  13. i am looking at the pictures and i begin to be very sad , its like they could do the 4 movie the fate of atlantis and to end it , why to bring to the 4 and 5 movies the soviet , bring the true enemy of indy the Nazis . but i am going to see it because i am fan of indy
  14. day of the tentacle - pins from all the characters , a cool t-shirt that say "my friends got the save the world from a purple tentacle and all i got was the shirt " , a cool blanket or a little statue of the mummy that won the game . Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis- a real life and activate with light Atlantis horn statue with beads to activate it and a necklace too , a scary mask , mini disk of Atlantis, and dig- NASA PATCHES , ONE GREEN ORB OF LIFE ,
  15. SO HYPED i am very happy to see this kind of a comeback what kind of games would you like to see more? (i wish there where an offical lucasfilms games website for this stuff)
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