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  1. i got it (i feel like indiana jones and the lucasarts pins and stuff)
  2. LOOK AT THIS https://limitedrungames.com/collections/neo-frontpage/products/star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-master-edition-pc
  3. what do you think of this? is it real? any info about it?
  4. i am looking at the pictures and i begin to be very sad , its like they could do the 4 movie the fate of atlantis and to end it , why to bring to the 4 and 5 movies the soviet , bring the true enemy of indy the Nazis . but i am going to see it because i am fan of indy
  5. day of the tentacle - pins from all the characters , a cool t-shirt that say "my friends got the save the world from a purple tentacle and all i got was the shirt " , a cool blanket or a little statue of the mummy that won the game . Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis- a real life and activate with light Atlantis horn statue with beads to activate it and a necklace too , a scary mask , mini disk of Atlantis, and dig- NASA PATCHES , ONE GREEN ORB OF LIFE ,
  6. SO HYPED i am very happy to see this kind of a comeback what kind of games would you like to see more? (i wish there where an offical lucasfilms games website for this stuff)
  7. think that "lucasfilmsgames" can make a new RETRO WAVE and make again all the old stuff with the old logo and sell it as a retro? , they will make a lot of money
  8. now that we have a "lucasfilmsgames" WHAT ABOUT AN OFFICAL MARCH WEBSITE ' WE SO NEED IT
  9. @Jake NP TNX ANYWAY you sitting on a gold mine here , again so envy
  10. @Jake Say how much for the day of the tentcle cap , sam pin and the sam and max pen? (i wish i was could go to a Edison Chron-o-John time machine and buy all this stuff , so envy for the stuff you have)
  11. hello everyone i am new here and i have this
  12. hello everyone now that lucasfilm games are back, will you think that maybe we can have back a lucasarts games Video Game Merchandise like the old one?
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