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  1. I took out my Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade box, but noticed that the manual and hint book were in black and white. So I'm afraid only a scan of the box would be helpfull. This box is different from most other LucasArts games, since it is not really drawn artwork, but a picture of Harrison Ford and Sean Connery. That original picture can be found here: https://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/Zjk7MDA_/5af3d9423dda6a51774fbeaa4163d986.jpg Anyway, this is the scan of the box (600 dpi, no filtering applied, saved in max quality jpg).
  2. What an awesome thread! I specially signed up to the forum for this one. I'm a HUGE LucasFilm Games / LucasArts fan. But I see that the game that started it all for me is still missing: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I do have the original box / manual / hintbook ... in great condition. If I can help out be sending over high res scans of the artwork, to get it adapted in such wonderfull posters, please let me know!
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