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  1. Thanks a lot. This is fairly new to me so I appreciate the info. I think I've been used to the VGA version Rather than EGA Loom did some excellent stuff with EGA I think I'll play around with EGA's16 colour pallets from 64 possible colours. It may make for an interesting experiment. Cheers dude.
  2. I'm interested, simply for my own satisfaction, in making a very simple web-based drawing program. And I'd like to use the colour pallet used in either monkey island one or monkey island two. I understand these used VGA or sometimes EGA (and perhaps another?). And I can find the wikipedia pages for such. Does someone know if the games had a modified colour pallet? Or can I just use, for example, this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_Graphics_Array#/media/File:VGA_palette_with_black_borders.svg to replicate the colours used in the monkey island games? Thank you kindly!
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