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  1. Hi Rum Rogers, The demo room looks awesome! Would you like to join the Engine / Marley projects? We could use a 2nd C++ programmer. There is already a tester /pixel art designer / game programmer next to me as a coder. You could start by adding the demo room Path finding would also be great. Are you more on Windows or Linux? The Engine could use some support on the Windows side...
  2. Yes, the render engine from my original post is fully object-oriented. The engine has a render-API-agnostic interface for backends (see engine/renderer). It also has an easy-to-use application side (see application/). I started to port over functions from Marley. Here's an update for the engine (showing already the Marley logo). The GUI is back online, there is tile map support, and it now runs under Window as well https://streamable.com/gky6db
  3. Would you like to join the project? I could use help from a 2nd programmer for a multitude of reasons... I have another project going on called Marley, an emulator bundle, where a GUI designer and pixel art artist help out. This is actually why I'm writing the game engine in the 1st place, to bring more life into its frontend and make the front-end appear more game-like. https://github.com/beaumanvienna/marley#readme You can also reach out here: https://discord.gg/fYPKPU4DpM There would be smaller or bigger tasks, depending on what you prefer...
  4. I'm working on an engine for 2D adventure games in the style of MI. I started a few weeks ago, so everything is early days. Here's a demo video: Guybrush beach walk https://github.com/beaumanvienna/gfxRenderEngine The code is cross-platform. Currently, there are some scripts to build libraries that are Linux-specific. Should be easy to get this running under Windows, too... Please leave a like on the Github page. If you like to contribute, you can open a ticket there to get in touch. :-D
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