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  1. It's looking amazing already! I can't wait to see what you'll do with it!
  2. Does that mean they'll reopen the pre-orders at some point? Or am I still bedeviled to pay 4 million dollars for it on eBay?
  3. I was unaware of that URL. That's awesome!
  4. I agree and understand the sentiment. I was merely using the news article you posted as a way to state my appreciation for the possibility of a new character. Then again, if I was Disney I'd spin this off and call it something else. Perhaps this is why they haven't yet released the film's title, I wonder.
  5. I'm all for a female lead (obviously). Especially if it's an actress like Phoebe Waller-Bridge who doesn't seem to fit the mandatory Hollywood sex appeal criteria. She has something of a young Carrie Fisher or Mark Hamill somehow. Maybe it's her eyes, I don't know. Of course, Harrison will be always be Indy to all of us. Forever.
  6. For Sierra games, I'm very grateful they fixed the bugs because there were so many, especially in Quest for Glory III and IV, which are some of my favourite games ever. For legacy SCUMM games, I agree that adding a toggle to switch between versions is a good idea. Then again, I personally never encountered bugs while playing any of them and often thought that the code behind these games was error-free (but reading this thread certainly highlighted the fact that it wasn't).
  7. That's a stupendously amazing collection!
  8. Well, I wasn't planning on playing the games from the actual floppies. My plan is to copy the disks to my local hard drive or, if required, run the DOS installers in DOSBox to get a working copy of each game that I can run with ScummVM. I guess it's a sentimental thing; I wanted to play the same versions my dad had used himself.
  9. Holy snugglecakes! You've just made me realize how utterly oblivious I am to the technical rendering of pixel art. Thanks for the explanation, though!
  10. To my knowledge, I think so. They were stored inside a closed library shelf for many, many years. Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it.
  11. I'd like to replay some of my old LucasArts games that I have on floppy disks and I'm considering the purchase of a USB floppy drive for that purpose. But I'm just wondering if it's worth it considering that old disks such as these might be long dead. For example, I have disks for Monkey Island 2 that my dad bought when it came out, in December 1991 it seems, and the glue underneath the labels is clearly showing. Of course, it's not that big of a risk since these drives are cheap, around $30 apparently. But my finances are utter crap so I thought I'd ask what you guys think before making a fool of myself. Thanks!
  12. It's been a while since I've last played a legacy SCUMM game in ScummVM (what with the recent onslaught of remasters and such), but isn't there an option called Force aspect ratio correction or something like that? I seem to recall using that.
  13. This is crazy, I had no idea that support for official SCUMM games was lagging behind. These past few years I've mostly been using ScummVM for the other games it supports, and they all work amazingly well.
  14. What I'd really like to see are exact replicas of the old LucasArts boxes, packed with the same items and disks. I'd want them to be exactly identical to the originals, down to each millimetres of their dimensions, the printing and colour processes used and even, dare I say, the smell of the damn things. No extras, no changes. Just the same lovely boxes, all new and shrink wrapped. I'd take a second mortgage for that.
  15. I know, right? This screen is beautiful.
  16. That's very interesting, I never noticed that before. Or maybe I wasn't paying attention.
  17. I remember using your installers for both CMI and EMI about 10 years ago and they were great. Thank you for making them by the way! I have since become a full-time Linux user and now I'm wondering if your installers would work under some Wine trickery, particularly EMI's. Although the Steam version works fine with the Proton compatibility layer, I'd be curious to experiment at some point.
  18. I like it. There's something in the mood of the piece that instantly evokes classic Sam & Max to me. Also, there seems to be a greater emphasis on the character's toes this time around, which I find cute.
  19. Thanks! And I didn't know either. In fact, I wasn't even born yet if I'm not mistaken.
  20. Hi people! Today, I've just come to the astonishing realization that Mojo had discussion forums again. My first thought, as you can imagine, was ignoring this newborn awareness and getting back to work. But something was off afterwards, like when you eat cheese without wine, you know? Or when you clean up the sink in the bathroom and leave the shower walls dirty. It's not right. So anyway, I had a change of heart at the last minute and took it upon myself to actually register instead. I've been lurking around the Mojo network since around 1982, I love all kinds of retro classics including those delightful LucasArts graphic adventures, I hunt down YouTube for obscure and rare interviews with fine folks such as Tim Schafer, Ron Gilbert and David Fox and put them on a loop when I go to bed. Let's see, what else? Oh, my dog's name is Chuck the plant. No, it's not. Just kidding! Thanks for reading this wall of text and see you around this wonderful place!
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