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  1. Shortly after completing MI2, we must remember that Ron left Lucasarts. So, if Larry said the ending was decided just a few months earlier, there's a high possibility that Ron already knew at the time that he would leave the company and miss the opportunity to make a third game. That means that throwing that ending was a way to finish the story he wanted to tell.
  2. In the first game, LeChuck is feared by every pirate on every island in the Caribbean. That doesn't seem to be the case for the new very important pirates. Maybe he will team up with Guybrush to confront them.
  3. Or maybe he recorded exactly that line today.
  4. Oh, well... let's not create some kind of "Release the Snyder-pixelart-cut"!
  5. I'm thinking here... From a marketing point of view, it makes sense that Lucasfilm Games would opt for a more modern, non-pixel art style. And I think we should celebrate that decision. A pixel art game would repel new players and keep the brand old. Now an eventual success of the game could mean a quick adaptation to an animated series on Disney+ and could bring in new players to resurrect the franchise.
  6. You guys are touching on a very important point IMO. There are many changes between the tone of MI1, MI2 and CMI. Yes, Ron is involved in the first two games, but even between them there are some changes in atmosphere, plot tone, and character personalities that have always bothered me. To me, the first game is about mistery and exploration. Beggining with the game's title - what's "the secret"? Most of the time, you explore environments alone and don't know what lies ahead. Getting into the giant monkey head or getting the navigator's head even gives you a bit of horror. The soundtrack reinforces this - exploring the forest in Melee, talking to the Voodoo Lady or arriving in Monkey Island makes you tense for the first time. In this game, Guybrush is just a regular guy that is anything but a pirate. Elaine is a brave woman who has always had everything under her control and likes Guybrush precisely because of his innocent looks. Lechuck is scary, kills pirates and likes "hot winds of hell blowing in his face". In MI2, Elaine was the same character, but Guybrush had lost his innocence. Now he has facial expressions, makes more jokes and has a goofy humor. He is no longer a dreamer, but a selfish pirate who tells everyone what he has done and what he will do. After that, in CMI, EMI and TMI Elaine was just a generic damsel in distress, rescued by Guybrush, mighty pirate, and Lechuck has become a non-threatening cartoon villain. I love CMI and what Bill Tiller did, but always have missed the darker tone of the first two games. I wonder what atmosphere we will find in RMI. What do you guys think? These points were discussed by Ian Danskin on the part 3 of this video (after 12:50):
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