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  1. I think that Curse is a great game in a vacuum and it also might be the best MI when it comes to puzzle design... but it's a cluelessly terrible sequel to the first two games. It was always fascinating to me how CoMI rids MI of a few layers when it comes to its story (by mainly how it deals with MI2's ending) and how it tries to revert the characters to a "favorable from a marketing point of view" default state. For example Guybrush and Elaine are just together now again even though the problems of their relationship weren't resolved in the last game. But it's a Disney movie now, you can't have relationship issues in a Disney movie. And then you get all the returning characters, the unapologetic callbacks to the previous games, it just feels like the safe Hollywood sequel where everyone just acts very "marketable"... and that's the worst direction imaginable if you want to make something interesting. On the other hand it's a testament to the puzzle design, the art direction and the voice acting work that everything I just talked about kinda never bothered me.
  2. I actually have a copy but to be honest I don't like the PS2 port on a technical level. It reads the disk a lot which results in a lot of stutter so it's not a pleasant experience to play (and because of the way how PS2 emulation works you can't really correct this behavior through emulation). That's part of why ScummVM taking care of EfMI support along with the PS2 version (which runs on ScummVM btw., it just crashes almost instantly) would matter a lot in improving the experience.
  3. Well, to add to that and to find a purpose to this thread: - You pretty much need this to run the game well if you're not using the digital versions: https://quickandeasysoftware.net/software/emi-launcher - Vsync should be on and you should lock your fps 60 fps and preferably use 60 Hz (or just use half refresh rate vsync along with a 60 fps lock at 120 Hz, that's what I recommend but I know it might be a bit too technical for the avarage user) - dgVoodoo2 is a must, it prevents crashes and provides mostly authentic DirectX8 emulation: http://dege.freeweb.hu/dgVoodoo2/dgVoodoo2/ With dgVoodoo2 you can also increase the render resolution and add some antialiasing without messing up the scaling of the 2D elements like fonts, menus etc. As a result the game stops looking awful on your modern monitor because it's no longer running at 640x480 so the character models actually look like how the artists intended: The downside is that you have to set shadows to low since dgVoodoo2 has problems rendering them correctly. Hopefully that gets fixed in a later version and then we won't have a reason to care about ScummVM not caring. Edit: Also Monkey 4 is best played with a controller nowadays. The PS2 controller layout is pretty great so based on that you can set up a nice control scheme in Joy2Key, XPadder or any other "keyboard to controller" mapper program. Just don't use the game's built in joystick support since it doesn't work well with modern controllers. Oh and change the character movement mode to "camera relative", that will get rid of the tank controls and Guybrush will move in the direction you push the analog stick in.
  4. I wasn't rude towards anyone therefore I disregard your analysis. I just voiced an opinion on ScummVM not really caring about Monkey 4, it's my honest "non-frustrated" opinion, I won't dress it up just so that it sounds nicer. Of course I'm grateful that ScummVM exists but there is nothing that explains why Monkey 4 has to be the "bugged" one on the compatibility list for years now. They don't care about it, almost nothing happened to it since ResidualVM got folded into ScummVM, it's clear as daylight that nobody from the current contributors gives a flying frak about it. And no, this didn't need its own thread, I didn't want this to be a thing to react to but hey, at least you got your Sermon on the Mount even if in a bit misguided way.
  5. Keep in mind that I intentionally started my comment with "ScummVM is great", literally the only thing I "don't like" about it is the fact that Escape is not getting the attention it deserves at all. Don't take one comment and turn it into something that it isn't and at the end of the day I'm perfectly fine with using dgVoodoo2 or PCSX2 for the PS2 port. As for the "volunteer work" thing: I actually hate that argument for any kind of project. The fact that something is available for free and is developed by volunteers sure is a thing to consider but I see people use that as a shield against any kind of criticism which is simply not healthy. Can I run Escape From Monkey Island on ScummVM? I can't. Will me shutting up about that because I'm grateful to the work of volunteers solve that issue? No but complaining about it might.
  6. Oh come on no RtMI trailer? Well at least Card Shark continues to look awesome.
  7. Well, not on my Windows machine, without using dgVoodoo2 I get lots of crashes. Anyway okay, so this is Chocolate Doom for SCUMM which means I'm not the target audience at all and that's fine, it just you know, would have been great to get a few new features out of this. ScummVM is great but they really don't seem to be interested in supporting high res asset replacement and when it comes to the GRIME games sure, let's wait another decade on that so maybe in 2032 Monkey4 won't instantly crash while you can play low tier games like Elvira Mistress of the Dark just fine on it. You know, I can take a hint, they absolutely do not care about supporting Monkey4 or Grim. It's never happening so there should be an alternative that actually gets shit done.
  8. On that note the only thing I'd like to see being supported is you know, the missing one: EFMI. Nowadays running it got a lot easier thanks to dgVoodoo2 (and you can even increase the game's resolution with it without breaking anything so you get nice, smooth, crisp MI4, the way it's meant to be played) but the shadow rendering is a bit broken with it so it's not a perfect solution.
  9. It's great that RtMI will most likely have its gameplay debut in one of those crazy Devolver videos. Gotta love the trailer:
  10. Yeah, I wanted to post a scaling related question too but Groggoccino already did so I have only one thing: are there plans to support high res asset replacement? Some emulators are doing wonders with AI upscaled texture packs.
  11. Also: the Sea of Thieves Monkey Island theme is pretty great
  12. And he was also in Vampyre Story, Bill Tiller's beautiful but ill fated point and click that I love.
  13. I'm sorry but I think that you misunderstood something in those quotes if you managed to come to this conclusion. Planning a trilogy doesn't mean that you have a set ending in mind nor that you even have any idea of what the ending will be.
  14. I think a lot has to do with the way you first encounter something tbh. As someone who first encountered Monkey Island by playing the demo of CMI on some long lost CD I got from a magazine I always missed the voice acting from the first two games. CMI and Escape affected my experience with the first two games, I always imagined Guybrush having Dominic's voice so I think that it's very important that those performances are in the remaster and I still remember just how good it felt when I first heard that what I only imagined before the remasters was real. That really is a way to reach a new audience, a lot more than just a graphical facelift would be and if the voices meet your expectations then I think they are perfect. I can imagine how not agreeing with a performance could feel like though. When I was a small child I played a few Humongous games and among those was Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise which I played a lot for some reason (I guess I really liked how everything animates when you click on it in that game). That game had voice acting but I played on a crappy computer that didn't have a sound card in it so I just never heard Fatty Bear speak until seeing that game in some random Youtube video as an adult... and his voice wasn't at all how he sounded like in my head. He doesn't sound like a bear at all, come on!
  15. Oh, RPS just did a nice little write up on SoMI SE: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/rps-time-capsule-the-games-worth-saving-from-2009
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