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  1. This year has been pretty terrible for me. I was feeling the lowest i've ever felt, i couldn't enjoy anything in my life like i used to and i just felt no hope. However, the news of a new Monkey Island really helped me get excited about something again. I'm so grateful to Ron, Dave and their team for that. But god... it upsets me seeing people crap all over it. Its like if Santa claus who has brought us so much wonderful joy in the past, surprised us with that dream present we always wanted, but we turn on him because it wasn't right coat of paint we wanted. Its still the toy car we always wanted but all we care about is the damn colour... It's a new Monkey Island! In 2022!!! Its a frigging miracle that Monkey Island was allowed out of the Disney vault. But people obsess only on what they dislike, they can't just enjoy things... This is why we can't have nice things... I kinda want to see a Monkey Island themed version of this meme. Edit: come to think of it... Murray is in the background
  2. Oh wow! he's born in my hometown Yeah that Devil King one really sold me
  3. I agree with both of you. It would be jarring if they went with a totally different voice for one game but at the same time, a sound alike would be super jarring. I found the tales of monkey island episode 1 voice distracting especially their laugh. I couldn't stop thinking about how Boen would have delivered the line. Whatever the new voice sounds like, i just hope we can get a more scary LeChuck. I felt that LeChuck became less scary in the later games. More goofy. I hope they go back to the terror of the mi2 LeChuck. I remember being terrified of zombie LeChuck. Whenever he appeared in the tunnels i would jump and be full of dread.
  4. Do you think they will go with a different take for lechuck's voice? Or get someone to a solid impression of the previous voice? I can't wait for June! May has been such a drag.
  5. ___________________________________ Now whenever i look at this, all i see is Nigel wearing a giant thumbs up hat on his head. + = Sorry for this dumb post
  6. That's true. To be honest, putting Guybrush randomly in the background sounds like a cheeky Ron move so who knows.
  7. Im pretty sure that's a chef with a hat. Otherwise Guybrush has a gigantic head. But who knows...
  8. I also really like this one. Man... i really really want to see Rex's new take on Guybrush.
  9. I really like this. I've been really nervous after seeing Rex's original Guybrush drawing. I hear it wont be like that design at least. I would love it to be similar to this. Like a hd version of a sprite. Going by the other character designs i bet Guybrush will have a more angle-ish face and a long neck
  10. Definitley, the last thing i want is the team changing their vision to fit what fans think they want. I want Ron and Dave's vision.
  11. Definitley agree. I think the animation in the trailer really brings it together. The screenshots really don't give us the full picture. I kinda wish instead of screenshots they posted 30 second clips that showed off how the game will look and feel when not static. I really hope there is a proper reveal soon. Maybe next month. They need to show gameplay of Guybrush in action, i think that would calm alot of peoples concerns.
  12. There's a part of me that would have loved to seen this. I think a more intimate smaller team with a less ambitious scope might have led to have a better game. I think this was one of the reasons i felt Thimbleweed park worked better. But then if Double Fine Adventure wasn't a huge success we might not have got Thimbleweed park and other games.
  13. Bill also says he's working on a demo for a Vampyre Story 2
  14. I was looking through Peter Chan's concept art on MI2 and thought it be fun to combine Chan's character art and background art. Imagine if Double Fine got to do the remakes. They were always very visually faithful with the remakes with the DOTT they used Chan's original concept art as a basis. so maybe they would have used Chan's concept art as influence on a mi2 remake. Although i guess they may have got Ron involved and maybe the remakes would look more like Return. Who knows?
  15. I know Ron says he isn't a fan of the Day of the Tentacle art style but when i compare these two images I definitley see a Day of the Tentacle influence. Maybe Rex Crove or whoever did the background art was inspired by DOTT.
  16. This is super not important but a tradition i loved in the old lucasarts games were the little winks and easter eggs to other games. Do you think Ron will still include some retro easter eggs and references. I know Ron said he wants to move the series forward but i still love a few references. Maybe a maniac mansion easter egg? Hell... maybe a thimbleweed park easter egg?
  17. "Mmm monkey love" Ron Gilbert, 2013
  18. If there is a time skip will it ignore the cliffhanger of Tales and do its own thing or will we see an evil voodoo lady in this one. Ron has said before he'd rather avoid the baggage of continuing someone elses story... unless the plot twist of the evil voodoo lady was an idea of Ron's that he gave them when he gave his input on Tales. More likely if there is a timeskip it will go way past Tales timeline. My theory: If this game had time-travel... maybe the icey island is from the future?
  19. Back to the future is a weird one. The original was intended as a standalone and they never planned to do sequel that followed up the cliffhanger. It was more of a joke ending. When the sequel happened they were wrote into a corner and had to undo the cliffhanger. Tales is different it was clearly meant to set up a sequel that never happened.
  20. Did that game end with a cliffhanger too? Only played the first episode.
  21. I really like Tales of Monkey Island. My big issue with it though was the cliffhanger ending with the voodoo lady. It just cheapens Tales and makes it feel unfinished. Don't do a cliffhanger unless you have a confirmed sequel on the way. Maybe they were trying to create a cliffhanger like mi2 or maybe it was attempt to force lucasarts to let them do a sequel.
  22. Man... i really do hope they release a non vr version of the game. I'm a huge Sam and Max fan but i cant afford to spend £300 on a vr set for a 3 hour game. Especially with my first child on the way. Money is going to be tight.
  23. So far though Monkey Island has titles similar to Stars Wars. We've had revenge and Return. How about... Monkey island: a new three-headed monkey monkey island: Scurvy strikes back Monkey island: the Phantom Lechuck Attack of Monkey Island Rise of Monkey Island Monkey Island awakens The last Banana on Monkey Island
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