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  1. It's definitely Bob. Besides having an identical outfit/appearance and voice actor, Dave Grossman confirmed it on the MI Monday when the crew sequence was revealed.
  2. That's basically what I figured--I was just curious if the game ever addresses it in any way (possibly in the Writers' Cut), since it's a new nickname for an old character seemingly presented rather suddenly and without comment. I just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something somewhere. (Not that it matters in literally any measurable way.)
  3. Currently on part 2, and I absolutely need to know if I'm only able to play an hour or two a day and I don't want to spend the next however-long tearing the game apart for an answer that never comes. I just want my life back.
  4. My point is this isn't the spoiler forum--people posting out here are doing so on the assumption that they won't just stumble on casual, open discussion of the ending. It's not that big a deal to me personally, but it's basic courtesy to the people for whom it is.
  5. Finally got to start the game this evening and I'm just amazed at the simplicity and elegance of the "solution" to MI2's ending, and how neatly it places all the other games into a continuity that still makes sense while allowing for as many "just go with it" diversions from established backstory as you like. I never would have thought of it in a million years, and I can't wait to play the rest of the game now!
  6. They might want to hire a new marketing person at that particular organization...
  7. Does that extend to the disc version in the Limited Run set? I haven't popped it in to give it a whirl but I am curious now
  8. I will miss this thread dearly. Seeya all in the spoiler forum!
  9. Imagine! Simultaneously demanding Ron's undiluted vision and rejecting it immediately when it arrived--what fan would *do* such a thing?! A truly comical prospect, I say. Anyhow, time for me to take a big sip of coffee and check out the GrumpyGamer comments section for the first time in six months
  10. For what it's worth, Ron on Twitter described the puzzle that was shown as "small," and also said it was "kinda" spoiled, with bigger spoilers having been edited out, so make of that what you will. I haven't watched!
  11. Featuring what I think is a first-ever name reveal for our favorite crate-toting ghost pirate!
  12. I feel like we know this won't happen in the opening, since we Ron's said starts exactly where MI2 ended. (I also feel confident that the "it's all Guybrush's fantasy" interpretation is approximately four days away from the dustbin of history, but I'll indulge it until then )
  13. Oh, I don't feel strongly about it either, and I'm quite fond of the new visual style. It just seems like a possibility, given Ron's statements about why he wants to pick up right from there.
  14. There's a part of me that thinks the graphics in the carnival opening might be based after MI2's before whatever happens to trigger the transition to "present day" or however we're reckoning it. I don't have anything fueling this suspicion except that that one bit in the 2015 King's Quest that flashed back to KQ1 graphics was awesome and worked really well as a comment on past, present and future, and by the same token it might be kind of neat to physically pick up EXACTLY where MI2 left off before moving on to what's new. But also maybe not, who knows!
  15. I feel like if that was the case he wouldn't be so firm about having retired, because if it turns out he's pulling a fast one here then nobody will take "I'm done" seriously from him for the rest of his life. Just seems like it would be a self-created headache.
  16. He's simply keeping up the rich tradition established by Sir Sean Connery of beloved series highlights refusing to come out of retirement for a 21st century Indy movie
  17. I think there's a reason they're being coy with how much and how actively this game connects to Curse/Escape/Tales, as well as where exactly it falls on the timeline in relation. My gut feeling is that being any more specific now would pre-empt something that's central to this game. What that is I have no idea, but the lack of any kind of 100% straight answer feels very purposeful.
  18. What's the fifth in Revenge? Scabb, Booty, Phatt, Dinky, and...? For the moment are we accepting CMI's take that the carnival was actually on Monkey?
  19. Secret through Tales are tied at zero, with ReMI coming in a distant second with one.
  20. Those are all very unlikely titles for Indy 5.
  21. My guess would be that the scrapbook will update as you encounter characters and situations where knowledge of past games would be useful, so that meeting Carla for the first time would unlock her relevant scrapbook page(s) for example. I could be wrong, but I doubt there'll be info pre-loaded in there about Freddy the stick merchant or Jumbeau LaFeet.
  22. Maybe the love bomb was for himself? He certainly seemed to have self-image issues
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