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  1. It's sad but I'm going to go in with the mindset that this is Ron's last Lucasarts point and click style game. I was hoping this game might lead to his take on Maniac Mansion 3... but I don't blame him if he is done after the backlash... Ah well... I'm just happy to see the master return with Thimbleweed Park and Return.
  2. Yeah, this confused me as I swear Ron said they decided to go for a different design. I admit i didn't like the original sketch. But i think the tweaks really fix the stuff i found distracting (long neck, eyes too far apart and the box shaped head) I really love the design now.
  3. I love how the new design looks like a marriage of MI2 and Curse with Rex's unique touch as the icing on the cake. Sadly my friends who like Monkey Island are all telling me they don't like the new style. Eh, it is what is.
  4. Genius Not showing up on Nintendo. Hopefully it be up this week.
  5. @Marius did you have some insider knowledge of when the trailer was going to drop? Just find it interesting the trailer drops right after your animation releases. Say 1 grog for yes, 2 grogs for no.
  6. Its so good hear you voice Guybrush again.
  7. Man... i really hope we can get some leaks on Sam & Max Freelance Police. Especially considering how far along in development it was.
  8. QUICK! If we all post more often the trailer will come out faster. Lets get to 76 pages by tomorrow
  9. Oh man that was me in 2006 when Telltale said they were making a new Sam & Max. I was on edge until the game came out.
  10. Maybe LeChuck uses some voodoo curse and Guybrush and Elaine swap bodies? So Dom would be voicing Elaine in Guybrush's Body. Could be fun dynamic with Le Chuck.
  11. I almost feel like Ron is taking great pleasure in us losing our minds. Eventually he will reveal it really was a April Fools joke all along and there is no game.
  12. Interestingly, my poll results show that most people don't think there will be a trailer...
  13. I can't take it anymore!!! No trailer or Guybrush pics makes Sam something... something...
  14. I feel for you as I know Lucasarts had a say and had certain restrictions. Thank you for your hard work on tales btw.
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