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  1. DREAMM 2.1.1b1 is now available. https://aarongiles.com/dreamm/beta This is a quick bugfix update for DREAMM 2.1. Only planning on this single beta before I make it official. So if you've encountered crashes or witnessed any of the issues described below, I'd appreciate you giving it a try. Changes since 2.1 ================= * Fixed error/lack of sound with some versions of Yoda Stories * Fixed unpredictable audio synchronization in Mortimer * Fixed joystick in Outlaws (and other Winodws games) * Improve handling of very long pathnames during installation * Improve behavior of Windows emulation process cleanup to reduce crashes * Fix crashes when exiting Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures * Fix race condition when starting up the 3D rendering threads * Fix occasional crash when rendering overlays with custom images * Support version 3 MDS image files * Add support for a number of new international releases
  2. Just posted a new topic to mark the official release of 2.1. See you there!
  3. DREAMM 2.1 is officially released for Windows, MacOS, and Linux targets (x64 and ARM64). DREAMM is a bespoke emulator for LucasArts titles running on DOS, Windows, and FMTowns platforms. Download it here: aarongiles.com/dreamm/ Link to what's new (also copied below): aarongiles.com/dreamm/docs/v21 What’s New in 2.1? DREAMM 2.1 sports a number of significant upgrades over the original 2.0 release. In short, the major changes are: Greatly enhanced Windows emulation to support new games: Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures Mortimer and the Riddles of the Medallion Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Star Wars: Yoda Stories Outlaws Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith Star Wars: Behind the Magic Star Wars: Episode I Insider’s Guide Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Extended support for Windows releases of Star Wars: X-Wing, Star Wars: TIE Fighter, and Afterlife. Added support for Star Wars: Making Magic multimedia CD Added support for running on Linux systems, both Intel and ARM. Added detection of dozens of new game variants. Improved the UI, adding mechanism to verify installed games. Added support for MDS/MDF and CCD/IMG CD image formats. Added a mechanism to turn on portable mode, where all data is kept next to the DREAMM executable. (Re-)added standalone mode if you place DREAMM next to the game files. Added an OPL-based MIDI emulator as a fallback for all platforms. Games can now be installed via the command line. Added limited telemetry to notify me remotely if DREAMM runs into problems.
  4. DREAMM 2.1b21 is out. Barring any serious showstoppers, this will be the last beta of this cycle. https://aarongiles.com/dreamm/beta New in 2.1b21 ============= * Fixed crash with an invalid cursor in Jedi Knight GOG version * Fixed handling of diacriticals in .CUE filenames by assuming code page 1252 * Added lightly-tested support for .CCD images
  5. DREAMM 2.1b20(!) is out: https://aarongiles.com/dreamm/beta New in 2.1b20 ============= * Fixed Behind the Magic for non-Windows systems * Added Star Wars: Episode I Insider's Guide * Added support for many new international versions of games
  6. Didn't know about that one! Looks to be the same engine, so I'll give it a whirl.
  7. DREAMM 2.1b19 released: https://aarongiles.com/dreamm/beta New in 2.1b19 ============= * Added proper support for multiple CDs and explicit switching via in-game menu * IMPORTANT: If you previously installed Outlaws or Jedi Knight from CD, you will need to reinstall! * Added Star Wars: Making Magic and Star Wars: Behind the Magic support * Fixed Rebel Assault II default sample rate * Fixed bug where restarts would exit instead of restarting
  8. DREAMM 2.1b18 is now up. On the homestretch now for release (I hope!) https://aarongiles.com/dreamm/beta New in 2.1b18 ============= * Fixed ARM64-specific emulation bug in 8/16-bit RCL (affected one unique installer) * Fixed standalone mode for Dark Forces (and other games with key files in subdirectories) * Added support for Loom Mac GOG version (which uses .ogg files for CD Audio) * Fixed behavior of PIT so fast machines don't freak out TIE Fighter * Fixed Dark Forces Special Edition CD identification issue * Fixed behavior after reporting an exception so that audio isn't messed up afterwards
  9. DREAMM 2.1b17 is now up: https://aarongiles.com/dreamm/beta New in 2.1b17 ============= * Single-file installers/upgraders must now match internal CRC exactly * Normalized bilinear filter code across SSE/NEON * Fix Dark Forces demo versions "out of memory" errors * Fix joystick detection/reporting in Windows; should fix weird Grim Fandango menu behavior
  10. Whoopsie, DREAMM 2.1b16 is out already with an important fix to the game verification process. If you got some funny results with b15, then re-run it with b16 to hopefully sort them out. https://aarongiles.com/dreamm/beta New in 2.1b16 ============= * Fixed bug in reverification that caused some games to be misidentified as DOTT Installers * Added a few more demo versions
  11. DREAMM 2.1b15 is now available: https://aarongiles.com/dreamm/beta IMPORTANT NOTE: some game names have been changed; you are strongly recommended to re-verify your collection when asked! New in 2.1b15 ============= * Optimized 3D rendering a bit when fog is enabled * Fixed software rendering in Jedi Knight Mysteries of the Sith on ARM64 systems * Fixed international DOS Afterlife versions * Fixed potential crash when rendering custom glyphs in overlays * Added a large number of previously unidentified game variants
  12. New DREAMM beta this morning: https://aarongiles.com/dreamm/beta New in 2.1b14 ============= * Improve behavior when unexpected conditions occur in release builds * Cleanly exit on invalid memory accesses in non-Windows (or 16-bit Windows) games * Fixed some application-level crashes when games exit unexpectedly * Enabled 32-bit upgraders for Outlaws (2.0.1 and Direct3D) * Some progress (not working yet) on earlier Outlaws upgraders * Added back exact 1.5:1 aspect correction hack for Hercules (patterns are ugly otherwise)
  13. New DREAMM beta release: https://aarongiles.com/dreamm/beta New in 2.1b13 ============= * Updated documentation: https://aarongiles.com/dreamm/docs/v21 * Fixed potential crash when rendering unsupported glyphs in the UI * Added support for ZIP's "implode" (mode 6) algorithm * Fixed handling of ZIP files with missing size/CRC data in local header * Added telemetry opt-in/opt-out links in about box
  14. New DREAMM beta: https://aarongiles.com/dreamm/beta New in 2.1b12 ============= * Fixed error in Infernal Machine warning of unimplemented Blt scaling * Fixed incorrect Infernal Machine sun rendering due to reversed fog/alpha blending order * Fixed some missing alpha blending effects in Jedi Knight * Open/save dialogs now scroll default selection into view
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