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  1. Didn’t know they are different from the game, it’s so long since I played it I just used screenshots from google but you can’t find the exact ones from the box of course. I guess the only way would be playing the game and make screenshots yourself, still would be hard to get exact I think. It doesn’t really matter to me, I don’t want an exact copy anyway
  2. Tonigh I printed the designs and wrapped a box. It turned out quite nice. I don’t have time to make contents for it until August so it’s empty The border on the front is thinner then it is original, this is intentional as I made a template for making other boxes as well. As well as not putting on any labels, system information etc. The size is exact to my original LucasArts (though I know they came in many different size as well)
  3. @CalisDraws Yes you better get back to it when you are finished with all that Now the backside
  4. Just made a wrap for Sam & Max based on the map posted by Jake. I’ll make a box of it another day. It’s not how the original sides look but that’s how I like it
  5. They look so great and especially with all the collector stuff inside
  6. Hello @CalisDraws I have made several of the boxes in the 2 part board game box style, also called a telescoping box. The originals I have are all this style and I don’t like the folded ones so much. I have only made games for Amiga so far so no Sam and Max but below is an example I cut hard cardboard and glue them then wrap them with the print. I made an exact size for lucasarts and a bit smaller one. if you make a new thread for boxes later it might be a better place jjjj
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