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  1. Really well done, there’s a lot of new information that I have learned from the developers of the game. Bob Mackey also did reviews of all the Lucasarts games for the Retronauts podcast, and I highly recommend those as well.
  2. I just ordered an ebook copy and have been reading the PDF of the book, not the best solution but it’s working for me.
  3. Started it up - love it so far. Just curious if there is a method of saving the game. I got disconnected and lost all my progress.
  4. my definitive Indiana Jones ranking: 1. Raiders 2. Last Crusade 3. Fate of Atlantis 3. Dial of Destiny 4. Crystal Skull 5. Infernal Machine 6. Temple of Doom 7. Emperors Tomb 8. Temple of the Forbidden Eye at Disneyland 9. Nearly episode of Young Indy 10. The Monkey King script 11. The specific episode of young Indy with Harrison Ford playing a saxophone Rock bottom of the list: the piano crane level in Staff of Kings
  5. Your guide was the only way I could find my way out of Castle Brunwald.
  6. I’m excited to return to monkey island!… again
  7. I liked crystal skull, or almost anything Indy (sorry young indy chronicles). It’s nothing short of amazing that we’re got a new Monkey Island games and a new Indiana Jones movie in the span of one year.
  8. I wish I could find the article (and by find I mean “put effort into searching for it”) from the SCUMM Bar that said there’d be no more MI sequels until 2015. Good times!🙃
  9. I had just finished a playthrough of all 5 monkey island games in March of last year and I remember saying to myself “it would never happen, but one more game would make this feel complete”. When the announcement dropped I was completely floored, it was the first good news in what felt like forever. The game was everything I hoped it would be. This makes me want to replay it right now.
  10. That tv spot was somehow 100x better than the first trailer. The music and energy felt just like the other movies.
  11. I have to know if the soundtrack contain the 2nd greatest video game song of all time known as “Welcome to the Zoo”?
  12. Indiana Jones and the Sunset Cruise.
  13. Seeing that a good amount of people have now finished playing and replaying Return to Monkey Island (still no spoilers), I’m looking to decide what to play next. I think it’s relatively safe to say that Lucasarts/Lucasfilm, Terrible Toybox, and Telltale games don’t require recommendations. As a recommendation I’ve started up Obra Dinn and I am loving it so far!
  14. I was listening to a podcast reviewing all the Monkey Island games and they described Escape as being a Sam and Max game in a pirate setting, and I think that’s a good way to describe the humor and storyline (the podcast reviewers also really did not like EMI though). Its so interesting hearing the diverse opinions on why each game is their favorite. I’ll want to revisit my larger list and do a deeper dive for why I like (not so much dislike for any point and click, barring Broken Age) the games and what makes each special.
  15. I think it’s this, Ron mentioned that the note was going to be in the chest in lieu of the current item.
  16. I had the same problem and I was frustrated that I used a hint on it because I technically had the solution but it was the implementation that threw me off.
  17. I think you’ve sold me on doing a Cave replay. I don’t remember much about my first playthrough.
  18. With Craig Derrick at the helm I’m really hoping we see the Mansion sequel and some remasters coming our way soon!
  19. Yeah I can’t help but imagine that it was Disney/Lucasfilm that requested all the “conclusion” verbiage be scrapped from the game’s marketing. Not necessarily to make games with it, but to always have the option to make a future game and/or retain the IP for royalties.
  20. The more I sit and think on Return to MI, the more appreciation I have for Tales of Monkey Island (which I already really like). The Crossroads (with the automated boat ride, vignette scenes, the MI2 tunnel music) fits perfectly in with the now revealed secret.
  21. I just want to buy my Secret T-Shirt, and maybe some other merchandise too.
  22. It’s not much and I shared this previously, but I built a Monkey Island boat ride on Planet Coaster.
  23. It’s a stretch but I’d love for them to do a Remaster with new solutions and puzzles and a soundtrack (Neil Cicierega would be a great choice as he helped with the Deluxe version)
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