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  1. Not just one, but it was an entire fad! There's a ton of these on YTMND. I like this first-person/FPS styled one a lot. https://stansellseverything-thegame.ytmnd.com/
  2. Looks like the shop across the way is in trouble. (Screenshot taken during the video fadein, which is why its so dark)
  3. REMI is going to let Guybrush drop several f-bombs.
  4. No strong opinions on Jess Harnell. He has a solid career and this one line is a good performance. Leans a bit more into the cartoony side, although that could just be from the words spoken in this line. I like it fine. Also I am loving the lip flap animations in this game. They really remind me of the exaggerated head-bobbing of old, but you know its also new and HD and different and a new spin at the same time. I'm sure this has been discussed in this thread before, but LeChuck's lip wagging animation reminded me. Still looks good. gross tongue, man
  5. it turns out ninjas were better than pirates all along, and both guybrush and lechuck are defeated by ninjas.
  6. he's seen the herman toothrot discussion itt and decided he needs to weigh in edit: serious answer. we haven't heard from Elaine yet, and I want to hear from her. But my money's still on a bit of a gag like HT or something tbh.
  7. Then, exiting the stump again will take you to Curse.
  8. While I don't like Star Wars, I appriciate Star Wars references are part of Monkey Island's identity. The games have always referenced the latest in Star Wars. Therefore, I'm sure we can all agree that Baby Yoda needs to be added to the game.
  9. To be honest, not a big Star Wars fan, so I didn't know these wrinkles. You got me. Wow an unpopular opinion from me, finally. I don't like Star Wars. For no reason either, its just not for me. I have only seen the original trilogy, (and The Phantom Menace). And from those, it seemed very clear. But yeah, whoops. My bad. I didn't know. Sorry.
  10. And I'm a fan of Final Fantasy VII. Where people will fierce debate if Cloud loves Tifa or Aerith. Aerith. One of the most famous videogame deaths of all time, very much dies right in the middle of the story, Aerith. Anyway it's been happening since 1997. Aww, as old as CMI arguments. Canon is super clear. Han loves Leia, Sora loves Kairi, Bella loves Edward, and Cloud can never be with Aerith. Anything other is just fan work, which is fine. . What makes Guybrush and Elaine different and interesting is Ron Gilbert's statements that he wouldn't have put the pair together in his Monkey Island 3a. So what do we make of this? Is Ron Gilbert the authority on his own characters, and we must listen to him? Or are the other writers contributions important, and we must consider them authoritative because of their position as official sequels? Or is every post-Gilbert game an entertaining reimagined spin-off, a fun what-if but not a "true" Monkey Island? People have argued all of these and more. These are the kinds of arguments have some closure coming in RTMI. But people will still be arguing about Guybrush and Elaine after RTMI. I know. Despite any canon closure, people will still argue about this. Just like every other pairing here. But it'll be more in what-ifs and fanfiction territory now. Really, it would be funny if RTMI gave us even more to argue about regarding Guybrush and Elaine as a couple. Imagine
  11. Yeah fair enough lol. I know the extremely Monkey Island fans have discussed if Guybrush and Elaine should be together A Lot. Its a debate that's been happening online since... I dunno, the release of MI2? Or CMI? Like, twenty years at minimum, over thirty at max. Christ almighty everyone (including me). But when it comes to more a casual majority of fans, people liking the couple is the vibe I get. But there's no stats to prove anything so I am just making shit up. You're right. GOD we are so close to RTMI ending this. Ship wars never truly end, but at least we can get canonical closure.
  12. This is everything I always dreamed of Ron Gilbert's Monkey Island being.
  13. Liking Guybrush and Elaine as a romantic couple is the popular opinion. And I share the popular opinion. I like the partnership. Its true the couple did get together on a bit of a retcon. I would understand a Monkey 3a which kept them separated. But I can't see them apart up in a Monkey 6. Not after all the couple has been through together. Does that make sense? Although if they divorced but remained good friends who loved each other, I could enjoy that. I'm also a big marriage skeptic. And hey. Anythings fine for the two as long as the story is interesting. I am really interested to see how the two work in RTMI, no matter how they work. The only thing they could do wrong is to damsel Elaine again. That would be bad. Please, I'm so sick of her being damselled. It stopped being cute after MI1. I don't like a large bulk of Elaine's screentime being "subversion of a trope". Especially because subverting the trope came to mean her getting damselled a lot, which defeats the point. There's more to Elaine, and I want to see that more, more. Not unpopular opinions, sorry. No. Thank YOU for writing it. I enjoyed reading it a lot.
  14. I'm memeing don't take this too seriously lol
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