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  1. For me it was daisies in easy mode (only tried once though) and tentacles in hard mode (tried, uhm, maybe three times).
  2. That so didn't work for me. I expected to go back to the park and I already recognized the door from the other side.
  3. Aye, that seems to be the intent now. And I'm betting eight pieces of eight that it wasn't the intent in 1991. Anyway, two meta-layers on top of each other is too much for me, Monkey Island 2: Guybrush's Director's Cut next please.
  4. Dang, Monkey 1 had a lot of monkeys and I forgot to look behind me.
  5. There is a lot more to come because Monkey Island is actually the prequel to Westworld. PS: I also didn't read that as an announcement for any plans from Ron's side, just a remark that it's too popular for nobody doing another one eventually.
  6. I found that one funny. I remember the developers of Monkey 3 and/or 4 talking about their game actually having a decent amount of monkeys, Monkey 1/2 had only one each (or did I forget some?) and I think some people used to wonder about that.
  7. 1. He was a zombie in Tales already. There's no more logic to LeChuck's switching forms since Monkey 4. 2. Monkey Island isn't about monkeys. It's about parrots. 3. No idea. 4. Killed by Lila. She made a comment about that when you see Madison's hat.
  8. Quoting https://web.archive.org/web/20051122075149/http://idlethumbs.net/display.php?id=59 once more: He also always insisted that nobody really figured out what the secret is even though "it's just fantasies in a theme park" has always been the most widely seen theory. In the end I'm not disappointed - I long suspected there's nothing more to it and after Thimbleweed Park I was quite sure about it. But the game just ending as expected is also not very exciting.
  9. The point I wanted to make is not that his answers are inconsistent. I think his answers are strategic - he doesn't seem interested in opening up, he seems interested in making people curious.
  10. I have no hope that he will ever open up about it. How he talked about it also completely changed over the years. In 2005 (https://web.archive.org/web/20051122075149/http://idlethumbs.net/display.php?id=59) he said while in every recent interview it was always just versions of "Guybrush goes to hell and Stan is there is all I ever had".
  11. Ron always denied that but after Thimbleweed Park I thought https://mixnmojo.com/news/On-this-day-16-years-ago-Bill-Tiller-revealed-the-secret-of-Monkey-Island was likely actually spot on. Now I think so even more.
  12. To me the "less extravagant park" looked like it was the same one, just 20 years or so later, implying that this indeed happened before - in which case the original Chuckie would still be quite the mystery. Speaking of which, Monkey 2 implied that Guybrush and LeChuck/Chuckie were the only "real" characters. In Return it's now Guybrush and Elaine (and Stan) instead. Maybe Ron swapped LeChuck and Elaine in that role because of the marriage.
  13. Guybrush is so very afraid... of the macOS mouse cursor.
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