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  1. So, same setting we had already - remember DOTT. 50% new puzzles? Then the other 50 would be a fan pleaser? Seems like an entirely new game to me. I’ve enjoyed everything Ron made so far. Like his humor. So I believe whatever he’ll do next, will be great as well. Just hope if a new MM then please with NEW graphics. The Thimbleweed Park style is already retro. And open Thimbleweed Park source code so fans can do another MM remake with Thimbleweed Park style graphics themselves.
  2. I hope they make an ingame joke about it
  3. Dude, you’re AWESOME !!! That really brings new flavor to the menu. Amazing job. I really it
  4. Nice job, but may I make a few suggestions: - The flying skull is hidden behind the S. Wouldn’t it be cooler if you could bring it upfront so it would look like it would fly through the S? - Same with Elaine behind D. Let her head squeeze through the D
  5. You stole my joke @Laserschwert My thoughts exactly
  6. Yes!!! But this man needs a team. If he works alone he won‘t be able to handle it in 100 years I‘m afraid…
  7. Dunno, while I appreciate Rex‘ vision of Guybrush, I can somehow connect more with YOUR version. Great job
  8. If I were you I would take the time and one myself. It is a lot of work - but also a lot of fun.
  9. @Laserschwert When looking at the original Dark Forces Poster (the one with the stormtrooper) and the sketches of Jon Knoles (love them) I got the idea to change it into a more „sketchy“ version. I know that derives from the original idea, but what do you think of it? That added picture is just your adjusted cover version ran through a vector graphics app.
  10. I am with you + Dark Forces in at least Unity Engine
  11. I‘d love to have a remaster of Zak McKracken. But only if someone could bring it on the same level graphically as DOTT. Because of the craziness of the game. And of course new soundtrack. But that would make it a remake not a remaster I guess.
  12. I would be really disappointed, if there will be no box release. But I am talking about content like in the old days e.g. Indy 3 with the diary (Ron worked on it as well).
  13. Ron should ask @Laserschwertfor help and some other guys here to come up with some nice ideas for the box content. Or create a kickstarter for it and hire Purcell or Chan to do the Box Art.
  14. Does anyone know if there will be a physical big box release of Return To Monkey Island? And what would you like to have in the box? Next to the code wheel, and the Monkey Island map and the voodoo doll recipe and the Monkey Island poster and…
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