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  1. To me Terror Island gives the impression there could have been or were more riddles to solve than end up being in the game. Anyone else has the same thought?
  2. I love the classic forest theme on Melee Island. Already loved it in MI1. What I don't like though that they really screwed up the music when Guybrush being on Monkey Island. In MI1 you've had a theme that sounded adventurous and mystical at the same time. Now you had sth that sounds idealess - at least for me.
  3. I looked around but seems like that is not possible. I didn't think to add this option as I didn't expect anybody to comment on this topics who didn't use the hint book at all. But I agree, it is a good and interesting point to figure out.
  4. I used the hint book in the game to be honest, sometimes because I was just tired instead of making a break and giving it a new try the next time. I am wondering how many times you have been using the hint book?
  5. Don't know if that fits in here and if that was just a coincidence, but at some point I made a break from playing RtMI ( I know, how can someone possible do that, right? Hardly imaginable :-)) and the next time I loaded the saved game the game started with Guybrush and young Guybrush sitting on the bench in the park and Guybrush was freshen up his sons memory on what has happened so far. I found this a very nice and cool detail and shows how much love the programmers put into the game. Can someone confirm this?
  6. Wait! We've done this for 30 years already. I prefer the other method. Just let MI6 = ReMI sunk in a little bit, and then announce that you are doing another one. Just like with MI2.
  7. We all know that LeChucks voice actor has changed as the former didn't want the job anymore. But I have noticed that the voice actor of Gullet (or Gullit) - one of the zombies of LeChucks crew - actually sounds more like the former LeChuck. At least to my ears. Any idea who voiced this Zombie? Have you had the same impression?
  8. If they do another one then I hope with other graphics. Don't say it to offend the graphic artist of ReMI - I actually like hie style. Its just that Monkey Island graphics changed with each "episode" and that "tradition should be kept I think.
  9. Yeah, but for that Ron would need to team up with Tim Schafer as the IP of DOTT is with him I guess. And Tim Schafer is with Microsoft now I doubt that will happen very soon. But I do hope I mixed sth up here and am wrong.
  10. Does anyone have any idea how to take ReMI apart to get hand on some of these graphics. I was thinking about doing a few maps of this game as a personal project or creating one of these pamphlets Guybrush is carrying around. But how to get these graphics except of takin screenshots? Or maybe even getting other graphics of this game as well.
  11. Yeah, would be nice. But LOOM wasn't that successful commercially. So I think IF then they will bring some stronger horses onto the race track to generate some momentum and then, when the ball is rolling they come up with LOOM and such.
  12. You guys really think this is coming?: https://mixnmojo.com/news/Return-to-WHAT
  13. Any idea A) how to win the race against Chuckie or B) how to feed the duck? for A) I wished another scurvy dog from the wishing well and Chickie ate it but he was still not slowing down. for B) the „parents“ don’t let us near the bread
  14. I wonder how hard that would be to do. BTW: Does anyone know how to decompile an existing game so you get all the parts (code and graphics) to see?
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