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  1. Yes. By remake I meant the remake of the physical copies of these games.
  2. Since we are coming closer and closer to the cinema release of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny I wonder if LRG uses the momentum of that movie and gifts us with the announcement of some remakes of our beloved Indiana Jones adventures. It has been strangely quiet on the adventure release front after the announcement of Zak McKracken. And the next game in line would be The Last Crusade. so I would at least expect that announcement to happen in the next weeks. And later maybe hopefully Fate of Atlantis as well. What do you think? Am I hopelessly hoping? It would make sense - at least to me…
  3. Maybe that WILL come. Those photos are not final.
  4. OK, that's a crap. I am from Germany. Probably same sh** then as it is in Europe as well.
  5. Where do you live for getting that 40$ shipping?
  6. Well, shall we guess what comes NEXT? Just a hint: There is a potential blockbuster movie coming on June 30th. It's about a man with a hat a whip and a fancy leather jacket (which he may or may not sell).
  7. I bet they will release Zak next. And keep Indy 3 and Indy 4 releasing around Indy 5 release in the cinema. To use the momentum for larger sales. Regarding these Re-Releases: As much as I like them, they are just not the same as the originals. There is nothing comparable to keep the the original piece in your game collection.
  8. IT IS FINALLY HAPPENING!!!! Limited Run Games is planning to release a physical release of Ron Gilberts latest installment of the Monkey Island series: https://limitedrungames.com/collections/coming-soon/products/return-to-monkey-island-collectors-edition-pc What bugs me though; this game has already been sold out although it hasn't even been officially on pre order (like LOOM is currently on Jan. 14th 2023) But wait, there is more: Another screen shot shows that appearently there has already been an pre order last year - or is this planned for this year? But MixnMojo says that it will be starting 20.01.2023. Does anyone know more on this?
  9. @Jake and @Laserschwert Can and are you allowed to tell if you are involved in any similar future projects with Limited Run that we may be starting putting some money on the side? Maybe for Zak McKracken or Maniac Mansion? Or even the Indy games Last Crusade or Fate of Atlantis? Both would be great addition to the upcoming Indy 5 movie I presume.
  10. To me Terror Island gives the impression there could have been or were more riddles to solve than end up being in the game. Anyone else has the same thought?
  11. I love the classic forest theme on Melee Island. Already loved it in MI1. What I don't like though that they really screwed up the music when Guybrush being on Monkey Island. In MI1 you've had a theme that sounded adventurous and mystical at the same time. Now you had sth that sounds idealess - at least for me.
  12. I looked around but seems like that is not possible. I didn't think to add this option as I didn't expect anybody to comment on this topics who didn't use the hint book at all. But I agree, it is a good and interesting point to figure out.
  13. I used the hint book in the game to be honest, sometimes because I was just tired instead of making a break and giving it a new try the next time. I am wondering how many times you have been using the hint book?
  14. Don't know if that fits in here and if that was just a coincidence, but at some point I made a break from playing RtMI ( I know, how can someone possible do that, right? Hardly imaginable :-)) and the next time I loaded the saved game the game started with Guybrush and young Guybrush sitting on the bench in the park and Guybrush was freshen up his sons memory on what has happened so far. I found this a very nice and cool detail and shows how much love the programmers put into the game. Can someone confirm this?
  15. Wait! We've done this for 30 years already. I prefer the other method. Just let MI6 = ReMI sunk in a little bit, and then announce that you are doing another one. Just like with MI2.
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