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  1. Oh thanks for the warning @LowLevel! I've only had a chance to complete the prologue so far so I might restart it with the extra dialogue
  2. I have the dialogue turned off. Thought I'd play this way first then play again with it turned on. Although if it drags a bit I might be better doing it the other way around. I'm not so sure about playing it on the Switch either. It just feels wrong for a point-n-click. Hope they hurry up with a GOG release because I don't wanna be a mighty pirate I'm sure I remember Ron saying something about cutting dialogue too but I can't remember where.
  3. Hope the baby is feeling better today @Lagomorph01!
  4. Husband just suggested that when the kids go to sleep we could watch something on the TV. That wasn't what I had planned
  5. I second the soundtrack CD! And if we can go totally unrealistic then soundtrack CDs for all of the previous games too I'm also rather partial to a cloth map.
  6. I thought I was a fairly principled person but I preordered the download for the Switch yesterday Still definitely won't be buying the Steam version though.
  7. Guybrush is still going to be a fancy pants then Thanks so much for typing all of that out OzzieMonkey!
  8. I won't go into the reasons why free software makes perfect sense to me since it's so off topic but I can see why you and others value convenience. I guess it's about who's in control of the copy protection now. In the past I had a code wheel that some company couldn't just decide to take away. It is largely idealogical for me though. Plus I dislike Steam and don't want their software on my computer!
  9. My PC wasn't connected to the net years ago. I bought a game on disc that I couldn't play without connecting to Steam. I've been boycotting them ever since I'm also into software being free as in freedom which doesn't mix well with DRM - it's ironic that Steam/Valve are doing good things for Linux gaming but GOG really aren't
  10. I would've preordered both but I've no intention of paying for anything on Steam and I'd like the physical edition on the Switch. I'll probably end up playing the Switch version first while waiting (hoping) for a GOG release.
  11. I'll be so disappointed if I have to miss out on horse armour because I'm not willing to buy a DRM'ed download
  12. Someone on Reddit says the Switch preorder is available now. I can't find where the physical version is though??
  13. I've really enjoyed Stan chatting to us in the trailers! Ooh I think I can feel a preorder coming on
  14. Well I'm hoping for a release date and a Linux version
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