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  1. Oh I want that! Wish I'd got the DotT collector's one.
  2. An idea that I don't recall being mentioned, following on from the idea that the secret of Monkey Island is a gateway to Hell. When Guybrush steps through the code-wheel door at the end of Return he enters hs own personal Hell. One where all of his impressive adventures were nothing but imagination. Where the fantastic secret he finally managed to discover was nothing but a joke T-shirt. Where the archenemy he triumphantly defeated multiple times was nothing but an animatronic. It also fits in with the old "Guybrush goes to Hell and Stan is there" plot.
  3. Well I feel like Guybrush. I've recently finished playing a game that took me back to being a kid and had to return to the real world but my daughter is running round pretending to be a pirate! That's funny, I've only read up to page 5 of this discussion so far. I typed out my reply then read the post by @Gins above which says pretty much just what I was thinking but much better πŸ™‚
  4. Well, one kid has gone to the shops with Daddy and the other is at Grandma's so I've finally had the chance to finish ReMI 😁 But since this is the spoiler free thread 🀐 I always took "rose-tinted glasses" to mean you only think you like something because you're looking at it through rose-tinted glasses (where otherwise you wouldn't like it). So if other people not thinking something is great means that you're wearing rose-titnted glasses then that also means you don't really like it. I may have my definition wrong though πŸ™‚
  5. I see what you're saying there but I wouldn't want to think I didn't really like something just because other people don't anymore.
  6. I certainly don't hate it, just haven't watched it for years! Might have to have a re-watch to see if it's still great 😁
  7. Tried to get my 4-year-old interested in BTTF when it was on telly the other day but unfortunately she was having none of it. She has shown some interest in Monkey Island though. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I can not accept this slander! I love all three Back To The Futures with Part 2 probably being my favourite these days. The alternate timelines, the dystopia, the mixing in of the first film, the hoverboard. Temple Of Doom is also my favourite Indy film and always has been. The Goonies may well be rose-tinted glasses for me though.
  8. I'm in "I haven't been able to finish it yet" land due to having a 2-year-old.
  9. Oh thanks for the warning @LowLevel! I've only had a chance to complete the prologue so far so I might restart it with the extra dialogue 😁
  10. I have the dialogue turned off. Thought I'd play this way first then play again with it turned on. Although if it drags a bit I might be better doing it the other way around. I'm not so sure about playing it on the Switch either. It just feels wrong for a point-n-click. Hope they hurry up with a GOG release because I don't wanna be a mighty pirate 😁 I'm sure I remember Ron saying something about cutting dialogue too but I can't remember where.
  11. Hope the baby is feeling better today @Lagomorph01!
  12. Husband just suggested that when the kids go to sleep we could watch something on the TV. That wasn't what I had planned πŸ€”
  13. I second the soundtrack CD! And if we can go totally unrealistic then soundtrack CDs for all of the previous games too πŸ™‚ I'm also rather partial to a cloth map.
  14. I thought I was a fairly principled person but I preordered the download for the Switch yesterday 😁 Still definitely won't be buying the Steam version though.
  15. Just thought I'd share my tattooπŸ™‚
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