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  1. I missed it too, before reading about it online. (But the nature of the outhouse got my suspicion tingling.)
  2. My daughter wanted to halt progress in Part 1 to document everything Widey Bones says and try to put it in the "correct order" for a narrative. The idea intrigued me, but I vetoed it so we could make a little progress. (Currently in Part 2.)
  3. Something something Thimbleweed Park something something weaver magic something something Caponian stupidity machine finally starting to affect the planet something something should've never let that Purple Meteor escape something. . .
  4. I posted the contents above. It starts with "Guybrush Threepwood" and ends with "Threepwood is considered armed and dangerous". So either the middle part was copied on back, or the middle part is preserved elsewhere. Note also: this means the museum teaches that Kate Capsize defeated G.P. LeChuck in MI1. Thus she joins the ranks of other claimants such as Voodoo Lady, Elaine, and LeChuck himself drinking too much root beer.
  5. We can say what we want! There's not much room below Kate's picture itself, but perhaps the crimes were preserved on a nearby plaque or paper. Maybe they were rewritten on the back. EDIT: Here
  6. The hovertext says "Settle accounts with [name]." Guybrush asks, "Do I owe you anything right now?" Locke says something like, "Thanks for noticing." Wally says something like, "Thanks, with all this business I tend to forget about getting payments for small orders like yours." Voodoo Lady says something like, "Much, but not monetary" and doesn't take payment. I don't remember trying the coinpurse on anyone else yet.
  7. These are the lines I meant, earlier: Yes the image suggests the name and crimes have been torn off, but the dialogue doesn't. Just chalk it up to Guybrush's finnicky storytelling, I think.
  8. Let me ask: did you try to use your money pouch on Wally to "settle accounts"? Before I finished Part 1, I could use the money on Wally to pay for the mop map and on Locke to pay for the keys, but they didn't ask for the payment automatically. Have you paid Wally yet?
  9. Yes, though the assumption about the list of crimes comes not from me but from the curator! He refers to it when describing the poster. My natural instinct is to infer that the curator knows there was once a list of crimes that has since been lost to history, except for the fact that the game has already established its tone... ...so that this is the most likely explanation. We were told very early on to expect unreliable narration built upon other unreliable narration, so headscratcher moments actually feel encouraged. To me, it is more satisfying to think that 'Brush is mixing up some detail in his story, than to take a convoluted headcanon about the curator knowing there was once a list of crimes that is no longer there. So I only bring it up now because it tickles me, being in the midst of this room that highlights bad fans for fixating on details and getting them wrong.
  10. Ahem, if the museum has a wanted poster with Kate Capsize's face on it AND the list of extensive crimes from MI2, then shouldn't that poster also clearly say the name "Guybrush Threepwood" on it a few times? Considering the result of that puzzle was to create an association between Guybrush's name and Kate's face upon reading it k thx bye
  11. Outside the museum (Carla's old house) is a playground pirate ship and a playground treasure chest. Guybrush comments that he used to love playing in chests like that, until he was stuck in one for some days. Aside from exaggerating being stuck in it for "days", could this have been from MI2 where he's in a voodoo shipping crate between Part 2 and Part 3? But he could see Guybrush when Guybrush was on Monkey Island, looking through a spyglass. At least that's what I thought the line meant. But yes, as you say, it could just mean the Lookout was facing that way.
  12. Given Monkey Island's popularity in Germany, I'm surprised there has been no German fan translation/version ever. Or if there has, I've never heard of it.
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