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  1. I know there isn't a lot to do there, but I love Terror Island. I love spooky stuff, and I think it really has a creepy vibe - love the art and the music. I like also the fact that we actually meet no one there besides Herman. It makes the encounter even funnier, IMO. The screams we heard are just from this frail and crazy old man. Also, the maze puzzle drove me insane. I was so happy when I figured it out.
  2. Oh, I didn't see that. My bad, then. I guess it does mean than, even though Guybrush can be terrible, he would never commit murder. I like that.
  3. Could anything be linked to the pamphlet? I still don't know if it's possible to fill the last entry, about "committing murder". Dave Grossman said on Twitter that good actions are time-limited, like saving Wally for example, but bad actions aren't. I don't know if that means something. Ron Gilbert could also been talking about a side-ending, like Guybrush drowning, something we can only do somewhere specific in the game. These images are fascinating, though!
  4. I'm laughing so hard. I didn't even think about it. This is so funny.
  5. I thought the same thing when I finished it, but now I feel like being disappointed and a bit upset was part of what Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman where looking for. Guybrush is disappointed and feels like it’s over too soon, and we feel the exact same way. I think that having a more fulfilling ending would have be too… well, fulfilling. We would just have witnessed Guybrush’s disappointment, not felt it with him.
  6. I really love everything you said. This is also my theory, I couldn’t have expressed it better. Thank you!
  7. I was actually answering the first post. I agree about the spoiler part.
  8. I feel like it mostly means that the ending is that anybody could make a new Monkey Island game, at this point, and it will be fun and interesting. I personally would love to see a sequel, with Ron Gilbert (and Dave Grossman) on board... or not... and I would be also fine if there wasn't any sequel.
  9. I’m going to be thought-provoking, I apologize… I absolutely love Harnell’s interpretation… and I therefore like him more than Boen. He has more of an old dangerous pirate vibe, like Black Beard. He felt threatening to me, whether Boen felt funnier. Also, I might not be as attached to Boen as most of the people here because I first played Curse in French in the 90s, so LeChuck didn’t sound like Boen or Harnell – just some very threatening French guy. I still love Boen’s interpretation, don’t get me wrong.
  10. Is there a way to completely fill the inspirational pamphlet? The only part I’m missing is "commit murder". Either it means Guybrush is similar to LeChuck but would never kill someone to get what he wants, or there is something secret we didn’t find. I would love to see a secret ending where Guybrush becomes LeChuck, or even worse than him.
  11. I think your analysis is top notch. I actually thought today about Boybrush being the one imagining the story and picturing his friends as the characters… It totally makes sense! I feel like this is the last piece of the puzzle I was missing to understand everything.
  12. I don’t know if someone talked about this before – sorry, I didn’t read the entire thread – but there is a dialog I love in the beginning of the game, when the old couple looks at the parrot in the amusement park. I’m paraphrasing. Something like: “It’s so lifelike.” “Is it real?” I think it’s symbolic. What’s real? What‘s not real? What’s canon? When does this scene take place? And, more importantly, do we really need to care about what’s real or not?
  13. Also played it on Switch. It was incredible. Everything felt natural. It’s definitely the best P&C adventure game I played on it. And I already loved the Daedalic ports.
  14. I agree. And I don’t see it as cheating. This is the beautiful part of it. I think, more importantly, we’ll see if we’re still talking about it in one year, in ten years, in 30 years… like we did with MI2’s ending.
  15. And also, I have to insist, I wasn't trying to be demeaning in any way. I perfectly understand people who dislike or even hate this ending. It's clearly not for everyone. To be honest, even if I love it now, I didn't like it at first. I was just trying to express my opinion on that matter.
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