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  1. Audiobook version bought thanks to a free Audible credit!
  2. Where's the rump roast in MI1? Is that what's in the Melee Island chef's pot? And @Staple Remover I always wanted to eat at Blondebeard's, maggots be damned.
  3. That was my problem with it, hence my confusion! Like, show me a comprehensive book outline about Sierra and what I'm getting and I'll throw my (very limited) money at you. But if I can't even decipher from the Kickstarter and posts in this forum what the book does, I'm not going to pay for it. Sidenote: I will still get Ken Williams' book so that @Lagomorph01 and I have can have book club about it, but in recent interviews I've read with him about masks, the need for the Police Quest series ("LA was full of junkies!") and certain other issues he seems like someone I do not politically agree with, hope that doesn't affect the read.
  4. Never Say Never Again! When I saw Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in the theater, at the point Indy references Pancho Villa (and therefore the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles) someone in the room guffawed. Now *that's* a dork after my own heart.
  5. You are a gem @Scummbuddythank you for helping this old man!
  6. Thank you, ideal background listening between now and the 19th, and combined with the links @Scummbuddyposted this should help to plug the gaps in my Swiss cheese memory (hey @Remi that's a Quantum Leap reference, you can't shame me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1)
  7. What I'd love to do before playing Return to Monkey Island is read a handy summary of each game, as I don't sadly have the time to replay the whole series (as much as I would like to). Has anyone produced such a thing? Do the Wikipedia entries for the various games cover it? For some of the entries, like Escape, it's been over 20 (!!!) years since I played them.
  8. I'm definitely going to get it based off what you wrote, so we can have a Captain Mystery and Lagomorph01 book club discussion. I recall also seeing some Kickstarter or similar project for a book that also claimed to be a compendium of Sierra history -- but the description was confusingly written, and it looked like mostly a picture book of Sierra video game boxes and screenshots with a short description blurb for a very steep price.
  9. @BaronGrackle are you saying you don't appreciate Temple of Doom's repeated frying-pan-on-head subtle mentions of "fortune and glory," Willie's non-stop hysterics, and the "foreign people eat bugs and brains!" dinner scene? ¬ ¬ I'm with you. Crystal Skull has grown on me over the years, I think I was mostly bitter with it because (for obvious reasons) there was no Marcus or Henry Jones, Snr. Having rewatched it, it's a lot of fun -- I just don't like how they handled Marion, with her casual "LOL HRU Indy?" at what should be a terrifying Russian base camp in the middle of the jungle and her subsequent LOLZ in the final act that make it all seem like a big joke. I really hope they don't kill her off in a one-sentence mention and picture in Indy 5, let the guy enjoy marriage...
  10. Which islands do you hope to revisit besides Melee and Monkey in Return to Monkey Island? Personally, I loved the atmosphere of Scabb Island, particularly Woodtick and the swamp. And I'd love to see an island we saw in daytime as a nighttime location, and vice versa -- like Phatt Island or Puerto Pollo in the evening perhaps. But the interviews with the creators imply, to me at least, that a LOT happens on Melee Island. Apologies, but I did try to search the forum archive and didn't see this discussed, but if it has then please just point me that way and ignore this!
  11. Williams called Helena a "femme fatale" -- did he just give away she's secretly a bad guy? Can femme fatales be good? Wonder how they'll address the marriage to Marion at the end of Crystal Skull? And Mutt's absence, as I doubt Shia is welcome on set? Jim Broadbent's university character? I'd put all at much better odds of returning than Sallah or Short Round or Willie Scott. And now I am rambling, but this might just be my favorite franchise of all time. Just so long as Indy doesn't say "Somehow Belloq returned" we'll be fine.
  12. Has anyone read this book by Ken Williams about the rise and fall of Sierra? https://kensbook.com/ Would love to hear your thoughts if you have! I know, it's not LucasArts, but there's enough nostalgia in me for hours of fighting with my PC to play GK1-3, Laura Bow 1-2 and the Leisure Suit Larry series to think about this. Prefer print for books, but didn't want to commit to it if others have done so and found it to be a slog/boring/etc.
  13. LIKE A FIDDLE! Oh, wait, sorry, I thought this was about manipulating @Remi Is it wrong that I'm thinking of taking the day off work for playing on launch day? I am not very strong willed and can easily see myself trying to find all the spoilers online. Should imagine some rum might be nice to sip on, or some nice green grog if I can find tankards strong enough for it. PS: It's also the Quantum Leap premiere that day, so I'm in geek heaven.
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