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  1. I feel like this ending allows as many adventures as they want, TBH. Just a different part of the theme park.
  2. I somewhat think this game and story are so deep we’re not quite used to this level of depth. Some games try and do it, but just fail. The Advantage MI has is 30 years of development and to just be something more. how amazing that Ron and team took a video game that could have just ended… and turned it into potential stories for decades (if they so choose). The vehicle is we get to go on more thoughtful and eventful pirate adventures whenever we want. it’s genius.
  3. I know I missed this on first play through.... what's with all the symbols across Melee? I thought it would be something.
  4. When the game was first announced for Steam and… small gasp… Nintendo Switch I couldn’t figure out why. Mr. Gilbert had said the amount of orders for Thimbleweed Park in Switch was quite high so that is why they did these two systems first. I literally left for vacation the day RtMI came out so the Switch was my only option. After playing through the whole thing on hard on it I can say I absolutely love the control scheme. It was intuitive and easy to use to solve puzzles. Very much would try more point n click adventures on this little device again.
  5. The ending reminded by a ton of Pan’s Labrynth. if you haven’t seen it (sorry spoiler ahead) there is this moment at the end where you decide if this fantastical world of creatures is a way for the girl to handle the awfulness of what is going on around her…. Or an actual escape to a fantasy world. the fact you can go back out with tells me that. Also it seems like this ending (which I love) allows more games to be created if ever wanted to. I cannot tell you how much I have just lived this game the past couple days. I wanted it to last forever. I have just been so starved for a game to feed me an amazing story and humor like this. Im going to replay it about 55 times to make sure I get everything. fantastic work all around.
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