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  1. Can i just say some of the jokes in Return have wonderful clues to the ending. For example, this joke reads differently with hindsight!!!
  2. At the moment i'm head over heels in love with Return so my current opinion might be biased and change over time. 1. Secret of Monkey Island 2. Return to Monkey Island 3. Curse of Monkey Island 4. Monkey Island 2 5. Tales of Monkey Island 6. Escape from Monkey Island
  3. I personally perfer a more 2d cartoon style but i'll have to get used to it if its live action
  4. I'll post my gushing thoughts on this amazing game later but a couple of questions I have. 1. Why is Lechuck a zombie again? (Don't get me wrong its my favourite form but shouldn't he be something else after the pirate god form?) 2. Why are there no monkey's in this game? Why none on Monkey Island? 3. Why wasn't Elaine bothered by anything? (In previous games she would get angry at him like at the costume party, the cursed ring and Tales) is this because its Guybrush telling the story through rose tinted glasses? 4. I'm surprised Madison wasn't the last of the trio standing, i dont even remember seeing her die. Guessing mutiny?
  5. I hear lots of people pointing out that Elaine seems more motherly in this game. It makes wonder if the reason Ron didn't want Guybrush and Elaine getting married is because Elaine was always intended to be Guybrush's mother in the real world. A mother picking him up from his play time in the park. But with them getting married it made it too weird and Ron decided to have it be their son coming out of the carnival renacting his dad's adventures. While his dad is working as a flooring inspector. I don't know... But maybe i'm overthinking this...
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