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  1. I would guess no, but game success sometimes leads developers or publishers to put additional resources toward a released game. And with 3000+ positive reviews already and a high simultaneous player count of 15000+, the game is clearly very successful. Those numbers are both a lot higher than many recent adventure games that were written about as being financially successful.
  2. I love Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and I thought the quote was a great nod to it as well. I love the references to things like that and Star Wars.
  3. Girlbrush. Ladybrush sounds like a product sold in the cosmetics area of a store.
  4. Nothing at all happens. The 100th correct card is treated just like the 2nd. I was way more excited than the game was when I got it.
  5. I clearly need to learn to try more creative actions.
  6. I did it on my third playthrough. I didn't use a guide, but the top link Guybrush Transmasc provided gives a lot of good advice. I played it on casual mode and that made a huge difference because it prevents a lot of backtracking. I was constantly using the . and Esc keys. I would just use both of them whenever text appeared onscreen, figuring one would work. I don't think my speedrun playthrough was optimized or anything like that and it only took about an hour and a half. So there was a lot of spare time.
  7. Because of my own experiences when playing, I think I can add a bit to this. Jake's final point is a very important one - I ended my first playthrough with about ten cards because I was planning on answering them later. I started noticing I wasn't getting any new ones and I actually thought that it was only an early game mechanic. It wasn't until I finished the first playthrough that I realized that I had prevented myself from getting more by not answering them. So I wanted to get around ninety in my second playthrough to get the achievement of all 100. And I did. Even got some wrong the first time I gave an answer and got those cards again in the same playthrough. The ones I got wrong came up again before I had seen some others, so I think it is closer to being randomly shuffled back in than being moved to the back. Because Chapter 4 is so open, it is easier to get the cards and explain what happened in that chapter. How it seems to work is that when something major happens in the plot, more cards got generated. Most of the time this was a cutscene, but not every cutscene seemed to cause it to happen. When additional cards got generated, it didn't seem to happen in the vicinity of where the player was at. So, being anywhere on Melee Island when it happened meant that there probably weren't going to be any new ones that time on Melee Island. But the other locations (the other islands, LeChuck's ship, Guybrush's ship) could get them. Being on one of those other locations for the cutscene meant that Melee Island generally would get some new cards that time, but where the player was located wouldn't get new ones. So, every time I got a cutscene, I would stop what I was doing and go to all the locations again. Always found a bunch. Not in the same general location (example: back alley) or specific location (example: on the ground in front of the door) any time. But a bunch throughout the world. My theory is that a player could get more than ninety just in a single playthrough of chapter 4 because there are so many cutscenes. Places that the player would have no further reason to visit can get them. Card #100 for me was in Wally's ransacked shop. It was the first and only time I found a card there, despite checking every cutscene. There were several throughout my playthrough in the governor's mansion and jail, even when there was no reason to go there any longer. LeChuck's ship was a good source of them for me, even though it just seemed like Apple Bob was putting them there given how the plot proceeded. The lime trees can get them. That was always my least favorite part of checking every location. The outside (trees, etc.) part of the route to Toothrot can get them. That was my second least favorite part of checking every location because the game eventually starts the player near the gate and then you have to backtrack.
  8. It certainly could have been deliberate by the creators. But I've seen a similar discussion about nearly all of the adventure games I've played in recent years - games by many different creators. I think the adventure games with good story and good characters and difficult puzzles are very rare right now. Creators seem to make a choice to have good characters/story or difficult puzzles without much beyond the puzzles themselves. It is almost like two different genres now.
  9. I took this as "years of experience". She knows how Guybrush is and wants him to change, but after her years of experience with him, she has realized some things. First that he isn't going to change unless he wants to change, so she is using a gentler approach to try to guide him toward improving himself. Second that she can still be supportive of him despite his flaws. I have seen real-life couples get to similar places after being married for a while.
  10. It is an Android phone and it is just Google's default news app. It calls itself "News". I'm guessing that it uses some combination of my activity to show news stories because it will surface great things like this as well as local news stories that I haven't seen reported elsewhere.
  11. New poster. My phone news app helpfully recommended the site article "The Many Epilogues" to me and reading through this thread has been really interesting and entertaining. I find myself thinking more and more about the endings and I really appreciate what the creators did with the game. My opinion keeps improving. I like how the game gives substance to help with various interpretations of both the game and the series. And I especially like how it even lets the player choose the ending scene based on what is important to them. But the best part for me is the philosophical parts about stories, journeys, the changing perspectives of maturity, and other concepts like that that the game explores. Some of that was experiential through the game, some was directly stated by characters. But now I can see that it all really worked for me. It was a satisfying continuation/possible conclusion to the franchise. The ending of 2 was very thought-provoking and one of my favorite moments in the series. This ending finally surpassed that one for me. I was playing games when the originals came out, but never gave them a chance. I found Maniac Mansion DIFFICULT and didn't play other LucasArts adventure games until well over a decade later. But when I finally did play all of them, I really enjoyed the Monkey Island games. I hadn't even heard this game was being made, but when I saw it was for sale, I bought it immediately. In my first playthrough, I was a bit shocked after emerging into the back alley the final time. I didn't immediately know what to make of the ending. One thing I typically do after completing a game is to look at the list of achievements to see generally how close to experiencing all of the content I had gotten. I had less than 40% of the achievements. I hadn't even realized in my first playthrough that the reason I wasn't getting more trivia cards was because I wasn't answering them. Reading through the achievements, I realized there was a second ending of going back up the stairs. I thought I might have missed a lot, so I started on a second playthrough right away. It was during that second playthrough that everything started to hit. My opinion improved greatly as I got to see the themes and concepts much more clearly. I appreciated the characters more, especially my favorite portrayal of Elaine in the series. I appreciated the puzzles more, especially the Chum story one. After a third speedrun playthrough to get to 100% achievement completion was when I saw the article that got me here. And that blew me away because I had still missed eight of those epilogues. In my first playthrough, the option I picked was that the secret was the friends we made along the way. Looking at the fun playing the games, the great characters with great acting, and the way some of the games have caused me to really think about them, that is probably closest to the truth for me.
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