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  1. However the story would wind up, I would definitely appreciate it if they peeled back another layer off the theme park ending and went deeper into the metaphysical weirdness of the series. A new lingering thread of mystery feels pretty important to establish.
  2. Oh yeah, don't get me wrong, it's utilized plenty-- I am just curious as to how else this could have been further implemented in the story, or how it might be used in a future entry. For example, I would have liked to see it be a more direct threat to Guybrush...
  3. I kind of wish they had done a little more with Dark Magic as an element of the plot... It would have been cool to see a Dark Magic/Occult LeChuck of some sort
  4. A bit of a tangent, but I have to wonder if the tease of Stan's shop existing in the Big Whoop park at the end of MI2, as pictured here, was supposed to be a hint that he was running the park...
  5. I don't know if this has been pointed out yet, but I noticed how well Guybrush's arc as an improving storyteller during ReMI ties into how he acts in MI2, what with how he keeps annoying everybody with his "killing LeChuck" story. He was a crap storyteller!
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