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  1. I recall someone else mentioned that this could be a stone piece of eight and a real piece of eight (since he only had one remaining at the end), both of which can be found in the park at the beginning. If so, it's definitely a nice way to link the two stories together.
  2. Hello, I'd just like to inform you that I have uploaded the maps, and some other interesting visual content, from Return to Monkey Island, to my archive. Even some pre-release/concept maps are present, in nice resolution. Enjoy!
  3. There is also one related sketch of the ending:
  4. I've extracted, processed and uploaded the tracks to my channel: Enjoy!
  5. It's for .NET, so it should run on Mac too! (Either install .NET or Mono) I've uploaded the latest build here if you need.
  6. The latest version of Thimbleweed Park Explorer works with the game.
  7. There is a StarMap0-hd image in the game files. I don't remember seeing this anywhere in the game, but it seems it might match the area at the north:
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