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  1. Thanks Darth, I tried the KSE savegame editor to find a switch that opened the door, but I'm not used to doing that kind of thing, so i failed :\ Thanks for the tip, I'm pretty certain it is the last resort since destroying the console *should* unlock the door to the airlock... shouldn't it.
  2. Aye. They did destroy it, and the door isn't open. Is there any way to open it now?
  3. I got my friend to play KotOR2 despite them not being a huge rpg fan... and I think they've broke their game... They destroyed the maintainence terminal on Peragus, and the Airlock security door is still locked, is there any way to get it open - ANY way, in game or out of it?
  4. Yep, when I fought with my sith lord Kreia says "see how he tries to defeat you quickly, wait, he will soon exhaust himself" or something like for Force Potentcy... which was after that an always on for my character
  5. Force sleep Use the power of the force to get more rest for your sleep - 20 hour waking day here we come! Force flavour Airline food? No worries. Force Rewind Ever fancied reloading your life? No need with force rewind, and it's cheaper than Sky+.
  6. Perhaps robes loose their "force" if you chop them off at the shoulder? hehe. I dunno, it'd look a touch wierd wouldnt it?
  7. Yeah, My LS male explained mine quite vividly as a single hilt, with a viridan crystal. I saw myself with it, but I never got it shown to me, and never got to say "My lightsabre..." But I did see it the first two times I played I did get it. As a LS Male and DS Female. *shrug*
  8. There's stuff about the Hyperspace Wars and the Sith War on the kotor website. Most it can be found in the starwars.com databank too...
  9. Is critical threat limited to 17-20? I swear mine should have been higher. and then using Master CS, it would only increase to 11-20... which is still nice... but I'm sure i had a configuration that should have offered about 14-20 without critical strike. I guess it doesnt matter, I completed that game today.
  10. heh. was I the only person to take Kreia everywhere the first time i played the game? Sure, she was a little annoying at times, but I liked her character, in the story sense... she kept everything pretty interesting. And force chaining with a jedi weaponmaster is heaven Back on topic. It depends what powers you give Kreia. If she has lightning storm (or other offensive powers). Or if you -like me- give her all the buff powers and a standard red sabre with deflect bonuses for effect, Visas would cut the hag down.
  11. It could, yes. But as has been said, largely second rate writers make up the EU authorship. Do you really think some of those goobers could pull that off?
  12. Sure F the canon... but you understand why there is a canon... don't you. Your Revan and exile can be whoever you want, but if they're ever referred to in another media (different game, book, comic) they'll have been light side males.
  13. oh man, i just spent about a minute watching the penguin vid in your sig jblue. I can even hear the splash in my head. anyway... when do you see your sabre is it...
  14. Yeah, I i agree with lukeiamyourdad. Many PC users thing that they are superior. In some ways the PC is, I think mods are the main reason.... let's look at Counter-Strike, some guys locked away with their collection of guns coded that game first, now it's been taken on by Valve and so on and so forth. And it is the consoles that make money, and sadly, deadlines rarely get moved in any direction other than forwards on consoles, especially if Christmas is in the equation. Back the PC based behomoth, Half Life 2 was pushed back years because Valve wanted it to be the best product they could make. Now, I'm not saying KotOR and Half Life are quite on par, but KotOR has come as close as any other games really, won a bunch of GotY awards... then the sequal got rushed so that it was released for xMas on the xBox - there really is no other reason for that to happen. It's the xboxers fault, I'm sure most of you would've been happy to wait the extra time for a complete game, but the good old folks at Microsoft saw the dollar signs and pushed for early release - most probably. What I want to know is... why didn't they stop and think. "New star wars film in May, great time to release a star wars game. Will sell really well during the star wars fever that is likely to occur, and there won't even be a great deal of competition!"
  15. There is, i would imagine, a star wars timeline. An actual timeline... with all the things that happen in the star wars universe written on it. in some places, it's already foobared - but that's going off on a tangent... basically... the guys at Lucasfilm have to write something on the timeline for reference. What kind of entry is: xxxx years: Knights of the Old Republic (software, xbox & PC) Male/Female "Exile" saves galaxy from sith threat/takes mantle of sith lord. They have to write something real on there... more for future reference than anything else... They let you decide on Revan's nature in this one, and they probably will in the future, as far as possible. Imagine even KotOR 4, where you spend an hour in subtle conversation telling the game what you did in the previous 3 games... somewhen, it's going to have to follow a canon.
  16. But i'd use gamefaqs to find out more easily, to be honest.
  17. Yeah, I think the problem was the end was a massive let down, and left everyone pretty hacked off, there are a few things that i felt cheated by... and At least the Dark Side ending made some kind of logical sense... especially if you check the title of the cutscene. It doesn't matter what else happens in that version.
  18. I dunno, I liked the idea of Nihilus... maybe there are ways to find out more about him, his potential was never fulfilled... he commands a certain dark majesty, to me anyway... but as has I've read in another thread - it's easy to kill him without knowing anything about him. Would be nice to know what he says... I'm gonna try the first person force-sight thing next time around.
  19. Shame... Would be nice to know what he's saying...
  20. I read somewhere that Darth Nihilus' uninteligible murmuring is in fact simply reverse played lines that do make sense... Does anyone know if this is true? I tried to get into the files and see for myself but i couldn't do it
  21. Jumping around has never been my strong point.
  22. HELP MEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Im at the bit where you have a little at-st type thing (its not one really but i dont know what else to call it) and the stormies that go up on the lifts when you enter... and a coupla swampies to my right, i think. Having polished off the oposition, i hopped on the hover thingy and started going round, only for the track to be blown up by two stormie leaders... i tried usin force speed and pickin em off with the rifle but it didnt really work... am i missing something?
  23. Wow, its all a bit tomb-raider isnt it? I was stuck after the guns, but hey these forums rule! Perhaps waiting the extra week did pay off and everytime i get stuck i can find the answer here !
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