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  1. hey people this is a great deal!! if you like dueling servers you can get a 4 person duel server for only 4 bucks thats a great deal compared to say CS servers
  2. lol will mods be able to make there own stances also?? cause the double bladed saber sucks with the stances now cause it goes through your body lol... and btw Roach are you the flag man from DoD?? if u are i love your flags/icons
  3. i heard about no jedis but thats ok there will be plenty of other mods for jk2 i just hope that u have in the game
  4. nevermind sorry for not reading the faq first
  5. Doctor Mario


    you guys have an irc channel?
  6. hi i am new here and i have a few ideas for the mod hehe ok here it goes i think that you should allow jedis but only 1 per team and when that person dies someone else on the team gets to be the jedi but if that person dosnt want to be a jedi there can be like a box that pops up and asks them do you want to be the jedi?? lol and they can say no if they want and it will go on to the next person... also i was wondering if you can have ATSTs and ATATs on the Hoth mission and endor because in single player there is a cheat to ride a ATAT or ATST i forget which one.. but it would be easier on hoth and endor because there are big open spaces to ride the ATST and ATATs i know some people will say but thats no fair for the rebels but i think to even it out you can have those big cannon things the rebels have on ESB (empire strikes Back) so that they can defend against the ATST's if you dont like my ideas the @#$% yourself lol just kidding if you dont like my ideas i dont care because there just ideas (BTW sorry for not using peroids)
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