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  1. first i beat the game with my character following the light path, then i beat it the second time going dark side. i was very glad that i got to fight Kyle and i see the reasons why u couldnt kill him becuase he is the star of the Jedi Knight series. What i really wanted to do was fight Luke at the end, i wanted to see how hard he would be to fight. Anyway i'll just spawn him during the fight with Kyle. Both endings are alright, i seem to like the darker one, but i dont like how u want the stupid sehpter.
  2. i finished the game today with the Jedi ending and tommorrow i will start again and go to the Dark Side. lol!!!!!!!
  3. i havent had problems like that. if your computer is randomly restarting it might be more serious things like a virus or worm. I would scan your system and see if your computer is infected.
  4. i went to EB today and no luck, they didn't have it out yet. So i ended up preordering it for the 17th surprisingly. My friend works at EB and i asked if he had any in the back. Since he knows that i use to work at Best Buy he said "Yeah i have some in the back, but u know i can't put any on the floor". This is because the store can get major fines for putting games out early(but maybe EB has some contract for preorders). i believe it is $5,000 per copy! so anyway im going to be going there tomorrow morning to pick it up. So as for the stores giving u BS, its just that they really can't put the game out. But sometimes it is the stores fault when they put out games late, the Best Buy i worked at really didnt give a crap if people wanted the game or not, it was only getting on the floor when they wanted to put it out, they didnt really make it a priority.
  5. i did the same thing Lord Storm. Jedi Outcast was my first Jedi Knight game to place for PC. I got it the on the day of release and loved it. and then i later bought Jedi Knight DF2 at best buy for $9.
  6. yeah and at the official site in the model screens there is a pic of a guy with a shaved head. Hopefully there will be more options in the final release.
  7. i have seen one advertisement for Jedi Academy so far, right outside the EB by me. Best Buy doesn't even have anything about the game on their site that i checked about 2 days ago, but of course you could preorder Half-Life 2 and Halo 2 a few weeks after they were annonced. o well, its not going to stop me from buying the game. infact im going to be going to Wal-mart to see if they put out the game early. hahahahahaha!
  8. Well the grappling might be in the final version of the game, it just isn't activated through most of it. Im guessing there might be a level where u lose your lightsaber and weapons and have to go silently knocking out enemies(well not really silently looking at the grapple moves.LOL). Remember Jedi Outcast did have that one stealth level.
  9. here are some more pics i took. im also working on a Jedi Academy poster or background with in game screens. Split Kick http://www.geocities.com/newtype4985/jka-9.jpg Speed Jump http://www.geocities.com/newtype4985/jka-10.jpg Funny Kill http://www.geocities.com/newtype4985/jka-11.jpg Taking on two at once http://www.geocities.com/newtype4985/jka-13.jpg *probably will have to copy and paste URLs*
  10. stores arent able to put them out before release date becuase they could recieve a huge fine, if the company got wind of it the store could lose their right to sell any other games from that company. i used to work at best buy, and if that did happen it would cost about $5,000 for every copy that was out.
  11. i was just wondering if anyone has heard about being able to get into a double saberlock in the MP games? This would be a great effect for Power Duel (2 single sabers locking with a Staff). I know that awhile back that there was a mod that allowed you to do it.
  12. Seige Mode does look like it will be fun. I can't wait to be standing there with a lightsaber and having a swoop come speeding toward me and then slicing the front or the bike off sending the rider flying.
  13. try using a CDR-W and format the cd then just drag the JediAcademydemo.exe file into the disc drive window.
  14. theres a easy way of fixing this problem, always run while turning off your saber....................hehe.
  15. yeah the same thing happened with me while fighting the last boss in the cavern level, i broke his staff in two after winning a saberlock. and as for the video from E3. The developers said that they just had that in the video to show the different saber styles and stances all at one time. But hey maybe there will be a cheat for it, maybe there is one in the demo, you just have to look through the console to find it.
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