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  1. ARGH! Someone had to go and ask, didn't they? I can't choose between the two, so I'm not gonna even try to vote. Star Trek started off so well, and even though they've had difficulties adapting it to the present day, we still get great stuff like the Borg in TNG, Dominion War in DS9...does anyone else think Voyager should only have been a mini-series? On the other hand, Star Wars is just plain epic. Leonard 'Spock' Nimoy once mentioned this couple who went to see the first movie. They waited in the line outside the theater. They bought their tickets and popcorn, sat down and watched the movie. When it was over, they didn't say a word; they just went and joined the new line forming outside. The games? Well...ST has had a worse time of it than SW (but I like Birth of the Federation and Force Commander despite their shortcomings, so nyah). Anyway, I still take my Bird of Prey or X-Wing out for a spin every now and then.
  2. Nar Shadaa streets are only a pain because of the snipers, but the worst in my opinion is having to keep other people alive. Prisoners, Lando, they're all a pain in both buttocks. I've hated having to protect other characters ever since Goldeneye on the N64. Lando should be able to look after himself, especially with a supposedly-inexhaustable blaster rifle...
  3. I'm new to the adventures of Kyle use-both-sides-of-the-force. I've gotten the gist of what's gone before; naughty sith goes and kills Kyle's father, Kyle avenges his death while protecting the Valley of the Jedi (which i don't quite get, I'm afraid), and being tempted by the Dark Side in the process. Anyone want to flesh that out for any of us who are new to swinging a lightsaber?
  4. All good moments, but for me it was the first use of the lightsaber in the bar. Everyone in the place tries to kill me and fails miserably, then I gift each of them with a single slash and they fall in pieces. Not the saber duels I get to enjoy later, of course, but still a good time.
  5. I like yellow because it's the best colour that has yet to show up in the movies, and it goes good with black. The other colours I tend to associate with who I see them with. Blue is the decent old-fashioned, red is darksiding it, green is innovative self-constructed fun.
  6. Okay, I may not belong here, because I've yet to do the multiplayer thing. However, I think I have something worth posting, so... Big fan of the original trilogy. Then I saw ep1, and thought the dueling was a little more 'Forcy' than in the original. Then I got Jedi Outcast, and decided it's predecessors had probably influenced things. In any case, I reckon I'm old-school when it comes to playing the game. Whenever I get around to multiplayer, I won't bother to bow, but I will be a decent fellow. I'll stick to the saber, because guns lack subtlety. I enjoy Vader's signature use of the Dark Side, which I like the most; lightning is also fun, but not as much. I think ranged-attack force powers are there for jedi who stick with the lightsaber (like me), which I won't throw about that often; it's our best defence, after all. I will probably deathgrip-then-push someone off a cliff if the occasion arises, but only in a dramatic fashion; I don't fling someone upward, I raise them slowly off the ground. And I imagine it's fun to counter someone's every attack before crushing their throat from a distance...
  7. So has anyone who's gotten far enough in the game. Your blocking abilities are dictated by your saber defence rating. At 1, all you do is block. at 3, most shots bounce back at the bad guys. This works against all weapons except for sniper/grenade/missile types. Snipers are a pain in both buttocks, but the rest can be Pushed back at the bad guys. Of course, this depends on your Push rating as well. Maybe it's from playing V:tM - Redemption, but I wish we could have had the choice as to what powers we get/upgrade...
  8. You don't get past him. You can't hurt him. It's part of the plot. You're a mere mortal, and no match against anyone with a lightsaber...yet.
  9. As in, without shift it would be #, I assume. I've added the -console onto the end of my shortcut and I've tried shift~ing both on the menu screen and in the game, and I get nothing. This is the first time I've tried to use the console, and I really wanna get that saberrealisticcombat going. Have I missed something, or should I expect it to take ages before showing up because I've yet to upgrade my hardware from last year?
  10. I used the medium stance pretty much throughout SP, though I do believe the best way to kill those bloody annoying shadowtroopers is using speed before delivering a strong slash to their flank.
  11. I'm guessing lucky, because I'm sure I was. I hit speed the same instant he threw his saber at me, rushed to his side, a few good swings in medium stance, and that's all she wrote. He didn't have time for force powers or anything.
  12. Gotta admit, it does get tiring seeing the same questions posed, page after page. If I'm stuck, I wonder what Luke would do, which is how I knew how to get my lightsaber, for instance. When I'm seriously stuck, I go find the appropriate part of a walkthrough; I don't want it all laid out for me either, but if you've already been through everything up to that point, it shouldn't be a problem. In short, this SHOULD be a 'how do I do this better' forum.
  13. I mentioned this elsewhere, but because I tend to stick to my lightsaber, I've switched the mousewheel from weapons to force powers. As long as you know the order they're in, it works fine, and leaves your left hand solely for movement. Which is probably why I did it.
  14. I guess I like keeping my left hand for movement and my right for the vicious slaughter. I don't mind using the number keys for changing weapons because my accuracy is so bad, I need to sit still for a clean shot anyway. Just took a break from sabering to blast a few TIEs; I prefer doing it in an X-Wing. Think I'll play Alliance awhile before my hands cramp up on the keyboard, the joystick will be a nice change.
  15. My inaugural post here, so forgive me for not just replying to someone else's thread. Seeing as I only use the guns sparingly, I figured I might as well reconfigure my controls so that the mousewheel cycles through force powers instead of weapons, and MB3 activates them. This has saved me a whole lot of hassle, and I'm surprised I haven't read of anyone else doing the same.
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