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  1. As far as I'm aware, all weapons that were in the game, still are.
  2. Bah, Iraq's oil has been on America's agenda long before Bush. The world hates us because America's become the bully nation. Used to be a bright boy, America did. Heroic, compassionate, resolute etc. Then things went wrong, the spotlight started to stray, and it got bitter. Combine this with the amount of apathy or downright stupidity in the country... Doesn't matter who's president. They're all gonna be smegheads, and the Americans that give a damn won't start the second revolution because they're too scared of how the rest of the world will screw the country over in the meantime. France and Germany aren't our allies? What the frel! Is this why some people said we should attack France next? The same people who pinned the flag on Australia because it said France on it? Jeez... This is why I've no plans to move back. ...and why am I posting on such an old thread? Bah.
  3. You left out the g, dammit. *pouts* I think the only reason I haven't written a new Obten's Emotes yet is because I'm too busy trying to write for National Novel Writing Month. Edited to add: Huh. Can't get to gamespot. Not even the front page. The SOE's paid hackers strike again!
  4. Their disadvantage is that they are now 'balanced' with all the other combat classes.
  5. Okay. I can make a lot more weapons than I used to, but I don't know how good they'd be or if anyone else can make them better anyway. My pre-NGE droids are now nearly cl40. Post-NGE droids are still 30. After the shaft CHs got, I don't think this is fair at all. Droids seem to heal fast enough to make auto-repair modules pointless. On the other hand, they only need one combat module now to hit their cap. Despite this, I seem unable to program new droids the command to attack. I cannot stress enough how much the over-the-shoulder thing is pissing me off. I think I'm gonna go get my money back on the expansion. If things don't change in the near future, I suspect I will quit.
  6. I suspect most people won't like the idea because they don't like the idea of the people you're giving money to being able to alter the amount you pay in the first place. Steering back on topic... I did a little Trader, until I realized there was no way I'd bother playing long enough to find out what the changes do to DE. I may as well just wait until it goes live. I did a little Bounty Hunter, and the combat that entails... and I'm glad I won't be doing any combat as a DE anymore. I did a little Jedi, and then I stopped playing on TC. WoW is still better.
  7. So it looks like someone noticed what awful timing it was to pull this NGE business right after the expansion... I know what happened! Mace Windu walked into Lucasarts and kicked ass! "The path of the righteous player is beset on all sides with the iniquities of the dev team and the tyranny of CSRs. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the troll through the forums of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of censored threads. And I will strike down upon those with great vengeance and with furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy the gameplay. And you will know that my name is Windu when I lay my lightsaber upon thee!" *insert lightsaber ignition sound here*
  8. Krayt pearls have been botched for a while now. Dunno if they fixed it, or about to, since I never went hunting for them.
  9. The Nightsisters on Dathomir were popular targets for Jedi because they dropped crystals, as I recall... ...but then, I heard Ewoks did too. Darth Yub! *shudders*
  10. Apparently we'll all be getting a second character slot, so you're only frelled if you wanted your current character to become a Jedi. I imagine people are grinding like mad in order to hit padawan in time... Though to be honest, I don't really see the point anymore.
  11. I wonder if it's just because it's Star Wars they're playing with. Looking forward to see what kind of dren Star Trek Online gets up to, heh.
  12. I'm staying until it goes live, so I see what happens to my future Trader-Engineer. Then we shall see. Not liking the removal of decay. Not liking Jedi no longer being hunted by BHs, two thirds of which became BHs specifically so they could hunt Jedi. I suspect two of my big earners - repair kits and BH droids - are gonna start flopping. That leaves my cl30 combat droids... frel.
  13. That's no smuggler! That's a pirate! Smugglers take stuff from one place to another. Pirates just take stuff.
  14. It should be Jedi vs Jedi, but even the force ranking system has been scrapped. If it's any consolation, Jedi will have similiar skills. Identical skills, in fact. I'm hoping they make a difference between light and dark, but my hopes aren't high. At this rate I'll never see for myself until it all goes live, because both test servers have been full since I woke up this morning...
  15. *imagines a line of quests given by a TKM NPC for any classes that can brawl*
  16. I dunno, I suspect Jedi being no better than the rest will ruin it for a lot of people.
  17. As always, I advise waiting and seeing. Also, not comparing to the previous versions of SWG, because I said that when the CU happened... Yeah, maybe I won't say that this time, after all.
  18. After giving it some thought, I think they're doing this because the current system has too many variables, making it bloody difficult to balance everything. So they're copping out and fixing it by taking all the variables away, instead of working on them. Also looks like some combat professions will have both ranged and melee combat. Wonder how that will turn out. I've noticed a screw-up in logic which they kinda point out themselves: Leia was an officer and a spy...
  19. Professons rather than classes is one of the last great things about this game. A Wookiee should be able to handle both a ryyyk blade and a bowcaster, dammit.
  20. I've hear tell that whatever will pass for scout/ranger will have creature handling involved. I haven't read musch of the official dren so I can't say anything for sure; I avoid the official forums like the plague.
  21. Over the coming month. Or months. More likely months. CU2 - Return of the Nerf. Coming soon to a server near you! So, they're wiping CH and BE? What bastages. Pre-CU they were worth the skill points. Post-CU they were frelled. They're unpopular because they're broken! They need fixing, not wiping! Bah. If you want to play a pet class, go be a hunter or warlock in WoW. DMUK, I feel your pain. Well, sorta. I'm not the one revamping swg.stratics, but I can now glimpse what a pain in the patooty such a chore can be. ...Does anyone else get the feeling that they're plugging a whole new game?
  22. Suck-up. 4. Annoying. The latest thing that annoys me is that I moved all my crafting, resources etc. onto my Decimator, which I can now also use to mine asteroids because I've finally found a cargo hold for it... but the frelling space terminal is frelled and I can't get to two of my three ships.
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