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  1. hi. i need some help with a c++ project. if anyone has any knowledge of this subject, please email me at kchew@vt.edu or reply to the thread. i have to program a digital circuit simulator for an introductory c++ class for engineers , i'll have more info on it. if anyone has any prior experience with this sort of program, PLEASE let me know thanks
  2. oh yea, one other thing about the team idea, there's no ranks or any of that BS. everyone's the same out there, just havin fun playin the game i guess.
  3. hi, i just wanted to say a few things about that. starting a clan can be very exciting during the first stages of web page design and recruitment, but the real work starts in trying to maintain the clan with members that actually participate and updating web pages, etc. many, many, many clans are started like this, with a web page that is forever "under construction" and a huge roster of people who you'll never hear from again. i've done this clan starting thing many times before with other games in the past, and i've discovered it only works when you have a core group of people that you personally know, such as friends or family who also play the game. even if it's a single friend, you'll know that both you really want this to happen. that way you know you have a solid roster to begin with, and you can build from that. it's usually not a good idea to recruit huge numbers of people, but to talk to just a few, play with them, get to know them, then put them on your roster after you've seen their skill, dedication, and overall friendliness. i personally am not in any clan right now, mostly because i just started playing jk2, but i'm starting to look for one to join. another idea to play around with is to just start a team, which is basically a clan without the hassle of web pages and other crap. you can have identity amongst the members, and still play together in tournaments, etc. usually this works with fewer people that you know better. well, sorry for the long post, just thought i'd share some ideas. please comment if you have anything to correct, add, or yell at me for.
  4. ah, that probably sounded so egotistical and offensive, but oh well. anyway, i just started playin JKII, and i was interested in meeting some new people and playin the game with some purpose... anyway, i've been around gaming for a long time, and time after time i encounter clans/teams that put up a nice webpage, so you sign up, and you never hear from them again after a week, much less play with them. also, i've seen the clans with no identity (i.e. has about 1 million members, all of who said yea, i'll join, and they're in) i'm just looking for a team (i can't stand the term clan...) with people that wanna play in addition to making nice webpages. also, rites of passage and cool stuff like that would be nice...heheh i'm a student at VT, so i won't have loads of free time....EE and poli sci major... i hope someone is willing to take me...
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