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  1. What I did was this, I killed the lights, hit speed force, went to the for left backed up, then ran jumped (do not make contact with any of the guards or troopers) then slip in the first of the double doors on the other side of the room!
  2. Ok gang, this is a help site not a joke arama. When someone needs help, give them the help they need or just don't post anything. Please don't tell them to use cheats on their first time through the game it will ruin the game completely for them... There is enough garbage tossing going on over on the MP help forums we don't need it here! I know that you all were just having fun. But "sownie" was looking for help to play the game, not a bunch of jokesters giveing bogus replies! Thanks for you cooperation... sowie, it's part of the game that you can't kill Desaan at this point in the game... But you will get your chance later...
  3. Did you get out of the laser tunnels? Nice web-site too BTW. You should set up a signature and place you site addy on as I have with "Nomad's Place, and Wolf's Rangers"
  4. If you have turned all of the lasers off, that means that you have reached the area that you had to deactivate the lasers by hitting the red control panel. While at the control panel look around, and it'll become obvious to you on the way to go. Look for things that you can bust open... good luck.
  5. canadian jedi, If you just got the game four days ago! You have not gotten the 1.03 patch yet right? Most of the MP game servers are patched to the "Dreaded 1.03 Patch" you can get the pacth @1.03 Patch download page! Download, and install the patch, and see if that won't help with your error problem
  6. Hmm, I've always had mine on from the begining back in Apr. But I've never gotten any mail. Thank God, I get loads of mail from the MpBT (Multiplayer Battle Tech) forums as it is... But with my luck it start pooring in now. So I'm unchecking it now... Thanks for the heads up Lexx...
  7. Darth_Joha, has a point about saving often. But there is no need at all to use cheats in this level. The level is just aggrivating it's not that tough. It's just going to take some patiants, and effort...
  8. You need to use the other little lift that is in this room to get down to the main shield controls. There you will have jump to the correct control pods now find the correct simble, and activate it (one per color). There are three levels here again. Red (top) Green (middle) and Blue (bottom)... Now if you open your menu (M key is the default) the propper simbles are located there for you convience... Good Luck...
  9. Don't let "Robo Cop" intimidate you. You can take these things out with a furious light saber attack. I just run in use speed once in while and just hack the crap out them from behind as much as I can... But a front attack is posible too. Just keep moving! Good luck...
  10. Damn MediocreSlacker, I was thinking that your avatar was a photo of you LOL
  11. Try deleting some of your saved games (if you have a lot of them that is) I've noticed that when there are a gob of saved games, it takes longer to load the one the you have chosen to play. Another thing that you might try is to defrag your system more often then usual due to the fact that JK2 slams your H/D and makes a mess of it quickly. The time loading of JK2 has all ways been one of my biggest gripes of the game. But load speed depends on a few things. First your proc. speed, second the amount of ram that you have. But all in all JK2 is a slow loading game... I hope that helped you out! Good luck!
  12. It looks as though we have a new flow of players again so I'm bumping this post to help us help them...
  13. Congrats, on your saber Mythren!!!
  14. Read all of the replies to all of your other posts...
  15. Hint, Look for a pad that sinks when you stand on it! If you need more help after you try this I'll be happy to tell you full route to the saber step by step... Good Luck!
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