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  1. What brand video card are you using? I'm using a Nvidia based card. I'm just wondering if it's the cards that are doing it or something related to DirectX.
  2. Pretty cool! Do they show up dark for anyone else? I had the same problem when I reinstalled the game a few months ago; all the cutscenes were really dark.
  3. Hmm... now where do I put the welder? LOL
  4. I've had that happen since the original BF. I was surprised they hadn't gotten this fixed in BF2. That and not being able to chat without the spawn screen overlapping it.
  5. The blaster pistols in BF1 were great secondary weapons, especially if you were a shocktrooper or sniper. Now they usually overheat before you can defeat someone good who is armed with a blaster rifle. Engineer is probably my least favorite.
  6. Yeah I really hope someone can convert the original maps to work in BF2. I think some of the maps with aircraft should be modified though so that you have more room to fly. Bespin platforms for example. A larger Utapau map where you could fly between cities on opposing sides of those large craters would be neat. That way you'd be forced to ferry across your troops in transports to cap CPs.
  7. I noticed that too. Did the BF1 Darktrooper and Jet Trooper have less armor too? It didn't seem like it. I think if they fixed the arc caster so that you could fully charge it by the time you make one jump with the jetpack that would make it 50% better. It seems like it only charges up between 1/2 and 3/4s of the way before you land as it is now.
  8. Or you could try reading my entire message where I clearly said "even with a fully charged whatsitcalled, you only zap..." I'll have to keep playing with it. I think my problem is that I'm not close enough to the targets. I thought it would have about the range of the "shotgun," but it must be in a little closer.
  9. I can't stand the new Darktrooper weapon. Does anyone else like it or like the old one better? In BF1 I could easily jumpjet into the middle of a group and take them all out, now, even with a fully charged whatsitcalled, you only zap between half and a third of their lives away and then get killed waiting for the thing to recharge. Lame.
  10. I'm just curious, are you guys having sound problems with the DVD or CDROM version? I have the DVD version. I'm just wondering if maybe one or the other has problems or if it's software. I don't know if they run the music off the DVD/CD or the hard drive.
  11. Now that you mention that, I seem to remember that happening to me with BF1 also. I had an Audigy 2 card before.
  12. I haven't heard a beeping, but every once in a while there's an ear-piercing burst of static that makes you fling off your headphones. I guess LA thinks you'll fall asleep or something...
  13. I've got a brand new Creative X-Fi and my sound is messed up too. I have new drivers for everything and just did a fresh XP install. The problem is mostly with the music skipping and some ambient noise stuttering.
  14. Someone going by the name "Anal Intruder" has been going on several clan servers using their clan tags and is trying to make the subject clans look bad. So far he's been on mine, =TF=, and has also been seen impersonating IC and NERV clan members. Speaking for TF, if any TF person is rude to you or is saying racist things, it's the Anal guy, so please ignore him/her. =TF= Wraith 3
  15. Ok, I think I did see that. Thanks!
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