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  1. Can you post that email from lucas arts here? Thanks, - Jared
  2. Regarding the comment about Loki, the failure of a single company doesn't say anything about the market in general. The demise of Loki was largely due to bad business decisions. Here's a recent article describing what happened to Loki. Regarding the comments about winex, Linux users are people who won't settle for second best - that's why they run Linux in the first place. A game running in winex, isn't the same as a game running natively. - Ghaz
  3. Btw, I've run RTCW on Windows and Linux and it runs better on Linux IMO. - Ghaz
  4. Making a Linux port doesn't require actually putting a Linux version on store shelves (though I'd be all over this! ). Return to Castle Wolfenstein (also based on the Q3 engine) is available for Linux, but they only ship a Win32 CD. You just buy the CD, snag the maps from it, and install the point releases that they make available for Linux. - Ghaz
  5. Are there any plans for a Linux client? If there are no plans currently, is a Linux client even a possibility? Thanks, - Ghaz
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