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  1. I just ran into these guys in an A.I. battle. They are brutal! My strategy mainly relies on mechs, because I like mechs and I like the empire . But these things chew through my mechs in seconds! What is their most effective counter? I was beginning to think air units, but I haven't been able to test that theory. Many, many troopers or mounted troopers? Jedi conversion? Help! I'm very dead right now, good thing I saved 10 minutes before their rush!
  2. Well, it was worth a try. And I'm sorry you've got a problem with this Nebelwerfer_, but really, there's no reason to get insulting.
  3. OK, so this is really a blatant advertisement. I hope nobody gets mad, but here goes... I'm selling a head mounted display I recently picked up on eBay. It's great and in perfect condition, and I'm not getting rid of it because I don't like it, but just because I need the cash for a new laptop to start off high school with. It's a really cool product, and what it does is creates the simulation of a 45 inch display viewed at 2 meters away. You put it on your head and strap around the back, and you've got a sweet 800x600 display in front of your face. It hooks up either just like a standard PC monitor (the computer can't tell the difference), or through a bunch of other plugs for different video interfaces (i.e. it'll hook up to your DVD or VHS also!) It's not bulky or clumsy at all. It's a lot of fun to play games with, or even watch movies. Nothing really beats having a screen right in front of your face! Plus, you could hook it up to a laptop in your backpack and some portable input devices, and become a walking cyborg! It normally sells for $999, but right now I have one bid for $675. A pretty good deal, eh? But it ends in 15 hours or so, so you've gotta hurry! Again, I hope nobody minds what is basically an advertisement, but if you do, please realize I'm just a high school student trying to make a few bucks, not some evil corporate conglomerate spamming our forums. Alright, thanks for listening. I would think some of you out there would be at least pretty interested! I'll try and answer any questions, but I am going to sleep very soon, so you'd probably have to wait for 7-8 hours first. Link: I-Visor DH 4400VP Head Mounted Display.
  4. ... make multiplayer saber/force battles like singleplayer ones? I think it's an extremely legitimate question; one I'm surprised hasn't been brought up. Single player battles just feel incredibly better than multiplayer ones; it's hard to describe. It seems to be a combination of the animations, the blocking, and the overall speed, but I'm not quite sure. In any case it's just so much smoother and more Jedi like, in my opinion. It's very strategic, trying to get an angled swing in or knock away their saber and then dive in for a quick kill. It makes light stance very useful -- that was actually my preferred stance in all of single player (except for Desann and a few Shadowtroopers) -- without displacing the other stances. The force powers, too, seem better in singleplayer, in ways that are hard to describe. Especially push/pull; they're very useful to get quick hits in on Reborns. Saberthrow is also so much better. Even the movement is better. Rolling isn't nearly as easy, nor as effective, and other things feel better, although again in hard-to-describe ways. So -- why? Can someone explain, please? Why couldn't multiplayer be like singleplayer? Perhaps if Raven releases some source code, we could make a mod for this? I'd certainly be willing to, if no one else would. Just wondering, and thanks for your time...
  5. Doh! Left one house standing on the ENTIRE MAP! Thanks. Now I'm stuck on Leia mission two... *sigh*. Although I think it's simply a matter of how effectively I deploy my army really, not letting everything get slaughtered before I take out the fortress, mech factories, and troop centers. My current strategy is to attack from the back only, even though the game says to try both sides. This seemed more effective -- but I could be wrong here perhaps? I have on savegame with the bottom half destroyed (two troop centers and a mech factory), but I just can't seem to destroy the top half, mainly because of its fortress. And I lost a pummel . <Whine>Of all the campaigns, I think Leia's is the hardest, because of the Tech Level 2 limit.</Whine> Oh well. I'll get it eventually.
  6. I was poking around in the installation files today and saw an option for 32-bit color in a config file. I also saw some screenshots that looked like they might have been in 32-bit color (the interface buttons looked a lot smoother, etc.). So, does GB include 32-bit color support? That'd be cool...
  7. So I set up a base to the north with the workers I freed. Then I destroyed the two troop centers and turrets guarding Ghost Base. Then I went on a rampage and destroyed everything I could that was part of Strike Force Alpha's army. Now they're defeated. However, I think I might have messed up in doing so. You see, after I'd viewed the entire land map and realized that my objectives weren't fulfilled and there was still this mystery "Le'Roche" town somewhere, I sent my cargo hovercraft across the water and there it was, Le'Roche, with the guy I needed to find as well. But how do I get there? Stuck at tech level two; so no airbases or shipyards. I killed the imperial shipyard -- was that a mistake? Damn... So what am I missing? I've explored the whole map, destroyed everything imperial, brought Leia, 3PO, and the Jedi to Ghost Base... how do I get to Le'Roche? Grr. If destroying the shipyard was wrong, can I rebuild it (using cheats or something)? If not, should I just start over and use cheats to kill all the enemies, so I can finish this mission? Help! Thanks in advance... I'd appreciate a quick reply, if possible. This is my last campaign, so I have nowhere else to go.
  8. Was I the only one who actually thought Jan was dead?
  9. Wow, I feel like an idiot Thanks a bunch
  10. Every time I click the Join Game button, it says "Getting list of servers...". However, nothing ever happens! The list box stays blank. I have waited for up to 5 minutes. I have a 56K modem, and multiplayer with bots works fine. Other specs: Athlon XP 2000+ 768 MB DDR RAM GeForce 3 Ti 500 SoundBlaster Live! Value :confused: :confused:
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