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  1. wow, those are all good except for the woodworm maybe we should start another topic about the swordfigting phrases
  2. if you open up the cultistcommando npc with a text editor, you will see that it says this on the classes par: // class CLASS_COMMANDO class CLASS_REBORN i wonder why they put the commando class if they disregarded it (//)
  3. i'm trying to get the player to have dual blasters though. and yes the NPC does have to be on enemy... i'm pretty sure because when i tried to make it on my team it only had 1
  4. yeah i tried that, it's no fun
  5. has anyone here ever spawned a cultistcommando NPC? he looks like one of those cultists without a lightsaber who uses force only, and this one holds 2 blaster pistols! he uses them both and raises both arms so there's apparently an animation for it (although he shows no sign of kickback when he shoots so i could be wrong), and that's about it. but i tried playermodel cultistcommando and it makes me look like him but without 2 pistols. a while back i made a pistol mod to make the pistol shoot red lasers and increase the rate of fire. because he's using both pistols, he shoots even faster and i want to know if anybody has found a way to give one dual pistols
  6. "How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?" Who asked the wood craftsman that in the beggining of Monkey Island 2? I did . Can someone follow up?
  7. i read about Corran's white lightsaber too, it was in the X-Wing series novels but i also heard about the name Corran thrown in and was confused.
  8. jojobob


    thx, that worked, but i can't attack, even i didn't think i could to begin with.
  9. jojobob


    first of all, i beat the game and saw none of these two vehicles: wampa rancor i tried this: npc spawn vehicle rancor_vehicle (this spawns the rancor you can ride). i tried to get on it, but he climbs on, and then climbs right back off. i don't know how to stay on the rancor. same with the wampa: npc spawn vehicle wampa_vehicle. Does any1 know how to fix this bug?
  10. jojobob


    that helped sam, i found what i was looking for thx.
  11. jojobob


    no, a macro is a group of functions bound to one key. you know the red stance? the forward lunge over-the-head slash thing is difficult (for me) to do. with a macro, i could bind all the things i need to do for that move, to a key, and when i press that key, my character would do it. GET IT?
  12. jojobob


    i'm looking for a macro to do the red stance special (the forward lunge over-the-head attack) but i can't make one or find one. does some1 know a macro for it? (i'm just lazy and don't like the regular one, i pull it off about 2/10 times:D). post any others if you like.
  13. jojobob

    Saber help

    I've never heard of those. But there are other stunts you can pull. e.g WallRun; wallkick; an awesome flip over some guy's head, slicing with the saber and landing.
  14. How do set the rate that you use the force? Because when I was playing as Desann using level 4 mind trick I noticed he was able to use different force power at an extremely fast rate and he also has infinite force. Has anyone figured out a way to make Kyle do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Have any of you guys read the thread? I read the whole thing and some of you people just don't know what we're talking about. I know which move you are trying to do. Unfortunately I don't know how to do it. I have seen the npc's do it all the time (especially reborns and light jedi). I have tried and tried over and over. I tried so many combos but nothing. Somebody has to figure it out. I haven't even done it by accident. But if you download the "Cool Moves" MOD then you can sort of do it. It's the forward roll. It changes to the arial thing. And if you do a strafe roll it will be a really neat butterfly! That is once again, the Cool Moves MOD.
  16. Does anybody know how to do that weird no-handed kartwheel that Reborns do to dodge you? They would kick their legs and flip sideways. I can't figure out how to do it. I checked the readme and jediknightii.net's acrobatic guide. Can anyone help me? Maybe if I get a screenshot, I can give more detail.
  17. The Desann on Artus is completely invincible. But there is still a way to kill him. Enable cheats with "helpusobi 1" and type in "npc kill all". He will die. This has no significance in the game but that's how you kill him.
  18. I know why you can't do it with the saber. You can only do it in single player mode. Ever notice that when you swing in FP (first person) that your arms are translucent at the bottom? If you look in front of a mirror (like on the last level with Desann) and you're in FP with the saber, you will only be arms with a saber and no body. If you do it with a gun, you can see your body. If you could do it in MP then you would be a bunch of arms floating around.
  19. How do you get in that room with the jedi trainer in the temple? Is it some sort of Coordinates thing?
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