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  1. Lego Nazis...cool. Maybe the bad guys can have a normal face on one side and a melting face on the other to recreate the last scene from RotLA...
  2. There is no good reason this title can't be released on PC except to make Lucasarts more money through exclusivity deals with M$ and Sony. It's quite possible a PC version will be released 12 months or so after the consle version. It'll probably be labelled as a "Special Edition" and feature of bunch of minor stuff not in the console release...
  3. The patch is now up at Lucasarts. http://support.lucasarts.com/patches/LSW2_Update1_01.htm
  4. I have the same problem on my machine (XP PRO) but it installs fine on my wife's computer (XP Home). According to the Lucasarts website they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix.
  5. Just noticed an error on the reference card - Captain Piett is listed as both a rebel and imperial hero. Could be a plot twist, I guess, but seeing aas there are only seven Imperial heroes I guess he was just accidentally added to the rebel side.
  6. I have it in my hot little hands (Australia)! Just arrived by express post. Unfortunately I'm at work and won't have a chance to install it till I get home this afternoon. I wish Lucasarts would get with the times though and release their titles on DVD.
  7. If Lucasarts had half a brain they would simply adapt the BF2 engine to Star Wars environments, slap on the John Williams soundtrack and SW models and special effects, and they would sell a trillion copies. Even more if they also have a stats/promotion/unlockable weapons option. Won't happen though because BF2 is too complicated to work on consoles, so instead we get a half-assed Battlfront sequel with controllable jedi...whoop de doo!
  8. I predict jedi will become the new jetpack troopers - meaning that every noob will play one every opportunity they get.
  9. Going on JK2 and JA, SWBF2 will be released as a full game, despite being nothing more than essentially an expansion pack (same engine, a few new tweaks and maps). Disappointing - I'm not sure if I will get it as SWBF just doesn't compare to what else is available on PC (eg Battlfield series, Call of Duty: United offensive etc)
  10. I finally beat RC (PC version) today - and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The graphics, S/FX, gameplay and overall presentation was excellent. The game was remarkably stable (unlike KOTOR2) and ran like butter for me with all the options turned up. It didn't feel like a crappy console port either, which so many titles released on two platforms do. I gave multi a quick whirl tonight and it is good, brainless fun in the tradition of Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. The only suggestion I can give is it would have been nice if the Super Battle Droids were perhaps a little less tough. Here's to a sequel. I give this the thumbs up for the best SW title developed internally by Lucasarts since Jedi Knight!
  11. They nerfed the Republic jetpacker...yipppeee! Finally I might get to play a game where I'm not facing 15 Jetpack Noobs at once (Kamino is the worst example here).
  12. Yep - I can't comment on whether the Republic is fun to play or not because of this...I don't think I've ever got to play them! Every time I'm on a CIS vs Republic server me and my 3 CIS comrades (plus 16 useless bots) are suddenly facing an unstoppable force of 20 Republic jetpackers! I really wish the PC version had auto-balancing/class number restrictions.
  13. Usually if a player dies on the team which has too many players, the computer forces them to respawn on the other team. Simple really.
  14. If every human player jumps onto the Republic side the computer force-moves players to the CIS side until the number of human players on each side are equal. Most multi-player shooters have this feature nowdays.
  15. I'm sorry if you are a jetpack lover but I'm sick of playing on servers where there are 20 human players and 15 of them are playing jetpackers for the Republic while 5, completely outnumbered, struggle vainly for 2 minutes as CIS before inevitable defeat. Either this game needs an autobalance feature or the 5th class should be restricted to perhaps a maximum of 2 per server. Or the clone jetbacker's airtime should be reduced ala the Dark Trooper.
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