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  1. You can also 'bind x levelshot'. That will turn off most of the HUD stuff before saving the pic. You'll have to turn it all back on manually though
  2. It's one of two things: 1. Your CD-ROM sucks. Don't worry, most of them do nowadays. Try installing one that you know works and install the game from that one. 2. Your Hard Drive and/or storage API is having problems transferring large files. What OS are you using? Are you using SCSI or a RAID setup? Do you have the Via chipset on your motherboard (if so, do you have the latest 4-in-1 driver set)? Last, did you check to make sure you have enough room on your HD to install the game (the game itself takes approximately 620 Mb and you should have at least 500 Mb on top of that free)?
  3. The patch program can't read your JK2 registry settings. Don't worry, sometimes JK2 either doesn't write the proper keys when it's installed, or messes them up when it crashes. Reinstall the game and you should be fine
  4. You get that message because you have non-retail release PK3 files in your \base folder (skins, maps, etc.). Normally, a Pure server will not let you in if you have PK3's that the server doesn't and will give you a similar error.
  5. In JK2, all Listen servers (game servers that are not Dedicated) are LAN servers by default. That means that they will not broadcast their presence to the Internet. This was done on purpose. You can, however, give your friends your IP address and have them connect manually through the console or Favorites menu.
  6. nVidia driver page You should already know this URL by heart.
  7. The problem is the game can't initialize the renderer using OpenGL (yeah, yeah, tell you something you don't know). This is either a driver or video card problem (again, tell you something you don't know). Can you run the game in safe mode? I know it suX0rs, but if you really want to play, play in software (safe) mode. Other than that, the game either can't find, or can't use your OpenGL driver. This is either a Windows problem, or an nVidia problem. There are things you can do to try and fix it. 1. Sometimes, just switching the video driver isn't good enough because the previous one may have left a little something behind. Download the Detonator Destroyer and run it from a safe mode session of Windows. That should kill all your previous nVidia driver files. Then you can experiment with different driver levels to see if any of them work. Raven was only able to test nVidia cards using 23.11 (the latest at the time) so that should be a good starting point. I'm using nVidia 28.32 and it's OK so far. 2. (the route I would take) Judging from the information you posted from your console, it appears that your Windows copy of OpenGL.dll is either out of date, or possibly corrupt. Use Windows Update to bring your system up to full speed and check the MS knowledgebase to see if there are any updates to the OpenGL.dll file (doubtful). The nVidia drivers, or a DirectX install, will replace this file anyways so you may have a different corrupt Windows file. See where this is going? Time to reinstall Windows.
  8. You do know that LAN stands for Local Area Network. In other words, the type of network a small business might have, or when you and your friends get together, connect your computers to a hub or switch and frag you hearts out. Of course in this type of networking environment, pings rarely get over 20. If you don't know enough people, or can't find a local LAN party, try LANparty.com, or Blues News to check out ones in your area. Cygnus LANtrocity Northern California's largest regular LAN party
  9. The cutscenes (they're not FMV) aren't skippable. It's a b!tch when you've seen them 12 times already, but Raven hasn't patched that little bug yet. The game hanging when trying to drop to the menu is a video card/driver problem. Best bet is to experiment with different driver levels/card settings to get what works.
  10. 2 things to look at: 1. Your sound card. Latest drivers? Try turning you sound card's hardware acceleration down a notch. On my system (a very nice, fast one), cranking it all the way inevitably results in frequent crashes. Creative really dropped the ball compatibility and stability-wise when they went to PCI cards and haven't been able to catch up. 2. Do you have an AGP port? Do you have your motherboard's AGP drivers installed? Made all my lockup problems disappear when I installed the AGP drivers for my motherboard.
  11. Are you pulling down the console with Shift+~ ? Because if you just type in the commands, or try typing them into the chat line (many other games use it as a command line), they won't work.
  12. I don't enjoy telling you this, but you'll most likely have to reinstall the game. Without getting specific (since you didn't post exactly what the console reported to be missing), it sounds like one of your assets.pak files is corrupt. While having a corrupt PAK file won't necessarily prevent you from playing, it can have unwanted effects (like a missing lightsaber grahic). You're not alone either. If I have to reinstall my game, it'll take about 3 tries because they just don't make CD drives to last any more.
  13. First of all, OpenGL (one word) is a graphics standard, not something you need to unlock as in a console game. All current versions of Windows include OpenGL drivers. Most video card manufacturers include their own version of the OpenGL driver to take advantages of their particular hardware. Quake 3 engine games (like JK2) only use OpenGL and not DirectX or Metal, or GLide, or any of those other 'standards' for their 3d graphics to keep them cross-platform compatible. In other words, JK2 can rather easily be ported to other systems (like Linux, MacOS, and even the Xbox) because you don't have to rewrite reams of graphics code specific to your OS. It's already done because of the OpenGL standard. If you haven't noticed, DirectX doesn't run on a Mac. Second, your problem has nothing to do with the game, other than your new drivers may have killed your system. Go to Guru3d.com and download the detonator destroyer program (the URL will take you directly there). Boot your computer in safe mode (if it will) and run that program. It deletes all the nVidia drivers on your HD. You should be able to boot up normally using the MS default drivers. You might want to experiment with different driver versions to see if maybe a lower one will work with your system. You can find all of the nVidia drivers at Guru 3D. However, since the game worked with the driver level you used in the first place, I suspect that you either: 1. Have a nasty virus 2. Have installed something else that the system doesn't like, or 3. Have trashed your system files, purposefully or not, to the point of no return. Other then that, all I can suggest is that you get away from XP and reinstall your system using Win2k (or even Linux ).
  14. You could also try using the 'levelshot' command instead of 'screenshot'. It turns off all the extraneous HUD stuff.
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