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  1. How about "She's not whearing anything!" ?
  2. R U sugæstind th±t me dσ EnGli$hy stuƒƒ BÄd?
  3. Ya i dont have that many computer pictures of her... but she is pretty your right
  4. *eyes start burning* Nooooooo YOU spoiled it noooooo! *Runs away vowing never to see episode III*
  5. how big are they i got some hostin space ..... and what are they?
  6. Well this is my girl and i actually have her in my hands, she aint an actress and she aint somthin i cant have yup. She's mine and she's beutiful. Drool
  7. Sarcastic as you may be trying to be I already earn more than three of you could ever accomplish in a year. That’s not being sarcastic. Have a nice day. Yes, it is good that only few died, but still the thing that worries me is that many more might die due to radiation in the following years, once the water eats through the hull and they nuclear reactors compartment. ~Delphi
  8. Russian Nuclear Submarine Sinks 7 minutes ago MOSCOW - A Russian nuclear-powered submarine sank in the Barents Sea on Saturday morning as it was being towed to a scrapyard, killing at least two of the 10 sailors on board, the Defense Ministry said. The nuclear reactor of the 40-year-old K-159 was shut down at the time the vessel sank at about 4 a.m. about 3 1/2 miles northwest of Kildin Island, the Defense Ministry said. No weapons were aboard the sub, the ministry said. One sailor was rescued, the bodies of two dead crew members were found and the fate of seven others were unknown, the ministry said. The K-159, a November-class attack submarine, was decommissioned on July 16, 1989. It was being towed on four floating hulls from its base in the town of Gremikha to a plant in Polarnye to be scrapped. The hulls were torn off on Friday night during a fierce storm, and the submarine sank in 560 feet of water, the ministry said. November-class submarines entered service between 1958-1963, according to Jane's Fighting Ships. They carried 86 crew members and low-yield nuclear torpedoes. Russia has about 200 decommissioned submarines, which clutter harbors and pose an increasing environmental risk. Russian President Vladimir Putin was in Sardinia for meetings with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. It was unclear whether he had been informed of the sub's sinking. Russia's last major submarine accident was the sinking of the Kursk on Aug. 12, 2000, while on maneuvers in the Barents Sea. All 118 men on board were killed, and the tragedy shed light on the troubles of the Russian navy in the post-Soviet era.
  9. about to hand clefo 16k.... than thinks.... than decides to eat it! RMMMM Yummi tastes a little like..... hrmmmm rotten letouce!
  10. *Grabs his penal area and runs away!* Man i dont think you know what us guys shlong means to us... he is our favourite pet. We treat him well and he gives many presents to people. Without him i dont know what i'd do.... 5 mill would surley not be enough. Only guys can understand this... but still.... Oh and you wont here me say this often, but : "I feel really really sorry for that guy, and wish him best, and hope he can cope with it cause... man i feel real bad bout that..."
  11. Hi guys first of all me and a few freinds started this nice medal of honor clan. And we have a few members, right now we are activly recruiting and i just wanted to let all of you know that, so if we have some dedicated MOHAA:SH people here jutst come and visit our webisite here Also we need some money to host a server, but since we only came up with 75$ a month which aint enough... we decided to get sponsored, we really need every vote we can get so ya please vote for us here, even register if ya have to plz. It would really help me out. Thanks guys please vote if ya can and try to give us a high rating So please go here to vote. Thanks a bunch you guys!
  12. ok cool i'll fight both of ya gotta finish my current fight... dose anywone know why i cant use my newly bought sword?
  13. ok i pmed him i am sure she'll be 100% chase approved Chase
  14. lol you guys are either to high for me or to dead
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