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  1. I remember ya too ET :-D It's an amazing game.
  2. hahaha no problem, man. Man, am I burnt out... I went to this warehouse party that my friend was throwing... it was insane, and I'm still catching up on sleep... and then on saturday I went to another party... I'm so tired... And I have two parties this Saturday lol.
  3. Damn. The reason I ask is I'm trying to make a mix for my car, and I narrowed it down to 30 songs.
  4. Does anyone know if they make any that go above 80 minutes for music? Because all the ones I have are 700mb/80min... Are there any that are more than that? Cuz I need to get some.
  5. haha... (just watched Old School last night) Yeah, I'm enjoying life. My friends always complain, or worry, or have drama and stuff... when I really just don't care. I've become really easy-going. And today I'm babysitting for this lady I've never met before, and I am totally NOT cool with that. It's just plain weird...
  6. you can also go to EB Games to play. I went there last night to buy a game with my friend, and lo and behold, there is a brand-spankin-new xbox 360 there. i played it. it was good.
  7. pretty good, man, pretty good. I ditched this place in a last-ditch effort to regain a social life, after dealing with some seriously huge depression. It was a two-year process, but I'm in a place I've never been before. I've got a good group of friends, and I am the biggest partier ever lol. I'm what you call a "drunken dancer"... I wont dance until im smashed lol. and how you been sith? I haven't seen you in ages... and now i remember you shukr... i remember lukeskywalker1 lol. we didn't get along, back in the date.. at least, i think we didn't. I dont remember hahaha
  8. yeah, of course man. how you been dude?
  9. pretty good, man. thanks a lot. also, while im here (and i know it's asking a lot), can someone make me a collage wallpaper of either Shadow of the Colossus or Beyond Good and Evil? That would be a huge help. and no, i dont remember you shuk, but that's okay lol. i haven't been on here since my sophomore year of high school.
  10. my friend just bought it the other day. as soon as he's done, im stealing it. It looks amazing.
  11. I haven't been on this site in 2 years, and I don't know if it's still done for free anymore, but can someone make me a 1024 x 768 wallpaper using images from the game Shadow of the Colossus? Thanks a lot.
  12. I'm not asking how, I'm asking if someone can do that for me.
  13. I need to ask a favor of anyone who knows how to go about doing this. Can someone here take images from the new Green Day video, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, but only images with just Billie Joe Armstrong (the main guy, with black spiky hair) in them, preferably the one with the camera facing him and he has his arms in the air. I need them to edit in Photoshop and I have no idea how to acquire the images. If this is not the appropriate location for this, please inform me of its "moved" status. Thanks in advance. If you search around, you will find a quicktime version. There is a way to take screenshots in Quicktime...Sivy B used to do it all the time. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  14. would someone mind making me a sig/avatar combo? The only requirements it has is it has to do with psychic powers, like telekinesis, and CANNOT have psi-ops (that new psychic game) as part of it. oh, and just write Helix somewhere on it. PM me if you would like to. Thanks!
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