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    Heat seems to be one of the problems with JKII Lowering your AGP down to x2(or even x1) seems to help justify that it is a heat problem. Somehow JKII seems to tax Video cards really hard, which causes them to overheat. I actually solved the problem without reducing my AGP to x2. Several compainies make fans that are designed to be plugged into PCI slots. I bought one and plugged it in directly next to my Video Card. Now I have no freezing.(note I also had a device IRQ conflict that needed to be fixed, but when that was fixed I went from freezing every 5-10 minutes, to freezing after 1-2 hours. After I got the extra fan. Everything seems to run great.
  2. Okay I finally found out the problem with my copy of Jedi Knight. Windows 2000/XP/98 I think all use IRQ sharing i.e. it assigns multiple devices to the same Interrupt. It then, in theory, manages the devices so no two ever use the IRQ at the same time, thus you can have more then 15 devices on a PC. Anyways although Windows won't tell you that you have a conflict. Take a look at you Interupt settings on you hardware. I found that on IRQ 11, I had my Video, Sound, Ethernet, and All my USB port(I have 4 on board and a 4 port USB 2.0 card). Were on one IRQ. So what did I do to fix it. Well because windows is so restrivctive, the only way to be able to set IRQ/interrupts manually would be to reinstall the OS. I decided to screw that an jut pull out my Ethernet and USB card. PC works great now, Jedi Knight II plays for hours(6+) with no problems. Now this isn't a great solution(I'm looking into finding a way to keep my etherenet card in my pc), but if you just want to play the game...it works. Here are my system specs(if you were wondering) AMD Athalon 1.4 GHZ 512 DDR Ram Radeon 8500 128 MB Video Card SB Audigy Gamer 20 Gig 7200 RPM IBM HDD 3Com Etherenet Card(Now Removed) 4-port USB 2.0 Expansion card(Now Removed as well) Windows XP Professional If anyone knows of a way to jury Rig windows to let you change IRQ setting without reinstalling...Let Me know
  3. nilus1


    Blowing air onto a chip doesn't cool it off, Its all about Air Flow. First put the case back together. Your PC is actually more prone to overheat with the case off. When the case is together, the computer creates a vacume with its fan or fans. With the side off. The air just floats around the machine. I would replace the fan thats not working. Then I'd make sure that all you fans are not sucking air into the machine. Idealy one fan should suck in the air and another should suck it out. If you case supports more fans from different angles, you should set most of your sides to sucking air in and one side(usually the back) To sucking air out. Also Make sure that anywhere the machine is taking in air has at least a good 10 - 12 inches of clearance.
  4. I actually thought it was a heat issue, But I checked PC Temps(CPU,Video card, Ram) and all are running at optimal. Also with a heat issue for an AMD. Usually the performance starts to degrade before completly hanging up. You'll see a drop in fram rate and a BIOS sound alert will usaully happen. None of that happens. Just freezes.
  5. Like Many I've been having the Full Freeze ups in the game(Game stops, Sound Repeats, Can't CTRL-Alt-Del) Anyways I was trying several options and I found one that went from the game freezing after 1/2 hour to taking the game almost 2 hours before it had a problem. All I did was go to my Motherboards Homepage and got new Drivers for it. Whats really odd is instead of a full on Freeze up. After 2 hours of play the game begins to skip(thats the best way to describe it). It starts to act like its freezing up, then it resumes, then it does it again. Whats odd is you can close JKII and the pc will still do the strange skiping thing. I know this kind of thing happens when your PC is overheating but I checked my temps on my CPU, memory and my Video Card and they were all running at optimal temp. This game needs a patch badly, I've played several other Quake III engine games without any trouble.
  6. nilus1


    I'm getting the same Hardcore, no exit, no CRTL-ALT-DEL, Sound repeating Crash. Here is my config AMD 1.4Ghz Athalon 512 Ram GeForce 2 MX or Radeon 7200 Video Card(I tried both) SB Live! Value 20 gig IBM 7200 Hard Drive 3Com Ethernet Card Windows 2000 Profesional I wish Raven or Lucas Arts would at least confirm that they can simulate this problem and maybe fix it(or at least tell us what the problem is)
  7. Okay here is my problem(Let me know if this is unique) I have a AMD Athalon 1.4 GHZ Geforce 2 MX 64MB RAM Video 512 RAM Sound Blaster Live! 3Com Ethernet card Windows 2000 Profesional(A Fresh build, I just wiped and reformatted, The only thing install are the drivers for the hardware and JDKII) So my problem is that the farther I get in the game...the more likly it is to crash. When I say crash I get frozen screen repeating sound no Alt-Tab, No CTRL-ALT-DEL, Totally hung up PC. Whats wierd is that it will rarely freeze up on the first mission, then it increases in the second, by the third it only lets you play for about 5 minutes. I have heard there are issues with the Geforce 2 MX card. Can anyone ellaborate as to what the problem might be and if the Lucas Arts people have mentioned anyway to fix it(or at least keep freeze ups at over an hour) Thanks Dan
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