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  1. Anyone else think this guy just got his a$$ kicked too many times that night, and in his frustration, posted this message? :D Come on, it's not that bad out there. The things he is b*tching about are not very common on the servers I play on. My experience in this game is still 85% favorable. THIS GAME IS NOT DEAD!
  2. Well, I'll still be here until then. I've been playing this game since day one, mostly because I am married and have no money to buy a new game, and because the few games that I do want to buy don't come out until later this year (Sudden Strike 2 and 1503 AD in case you care). I for one still find the multiplayer experience (mod-less) very fun. Granted, I've got a 56K modem connection, so I'm just happy if I can finish a battle without lag
  3. I usually play NF servers, so I don't have a lot of skill with them. In Multiplayer, I like to play lightside so I can absorb dark side whores. However, when I play single player, there is nothing more satisfying then using force pull to take a stormtroopers gun away, and then use your choice of methods for killing the unarmed bastard
  4. Certain servers always give me the error - "protocol version 15", when I try and join. Is this a complicated way of informing me that this server is running one of the mods? I had mods and will never try them...
  5. I hate custom skins that don't have custom sounds. The taunt is one of the things that I like about the different characters. If there aren't custom sounds, I usually delete the skin. Remember, if you aren't seeing the one's you've downloaded, it's a good bet that the server you're playing on does not support it. There is no good way of telling, but the comments in previous posts are good guidelines.
  6. I'm not blaming Bush. I'm just trying to say that our security in top-secret institutions and military bases needs to be examined a little bit. Our National Security is in their hands, and they need to protect our nations secrets a little better. The laptops that were missing (I'm not sure if they've been recoved yet) contained sensitive information on a possible attack on Iraq...it just makes me sick! My point was more against the Clinton/Gore years with all the news of national security compromises during their term. I only put the Bush part in to show that I recognize that something similar has happened recently. Now, lets make room for Jedi_Monk to go find some more favorable "expert" quotes to debunk all of this
  7. Yeah...way to back up your opinion with good reason... Like i said about 100 threads back...All politicians are crooks, it's just the lesser of two evils you should be picking from. For me, it was Gore's dealing with the Communist Chinese during his VP time that put up a red flag for me (no pun intended). At the same time he was taking contributions from the chinese, we were losing top-secret documents and materials from Los Alamos...coincidence? Losing guided missile technology to the chinese -- that's damned scary! I take my National Security very seriously. I was also astounded to hear of the recent theft of laptops from a military base in Florida (under Bush's watch, mine you). For me, I want a President who I know will protect me, and if you put Bush and Gore next to eachother, Gore does not stand a chance in that arena.
  8. You've got your facts mixed up my friend. What about the thousands of overseas military ballots that Gore had banned from the count? Do those voices not count? It was Gore's team that was trying to count double votes or no-votes as votes for Gore -- people who were too stupid to understand the butterfly ballot. Remember? And how about the major television networks calling Florida an hour before the polls closed in the central time zone? That was a major screwup that may have cost Bush thousands of votes in western Florida. If the state has already been won by someone, then why bother going down and voting for the person you know lost? Most people assume that one vote is not going to matter -- only in this case, it would have. The fact is, the voting system is totally flawed and needs to be overhauled.
  9. You can't blame everything on the President. Look back through history. For every up in the market, these was a down. It wouldn't have mattered at all if Gore was elected, the economy would still be in the sh*tter. The biggest problem is corporate corruption now --- these accounting scandles stared well before Bush was in office. No one can say that any political candidate is any more honest than anyone else. They're all a bunch of damned corruped crooks if you ask me -- Republicans, Democrats, Green Party...whatever. They'll do whatever the hell they can to get into office, and as we've seen with the past administration, ANYTHING they can to create a legacy for themselves. Yes, Bush could be doing a better job with things. I think the current situation with Iraq is unfortunate, but if Saddam won't let the UN into Iraq to inspect for weapons, then he's got to go. Of course, any action against Iraq should be supported by the allies. I'm also tired of people wanting the US to get involved in everything, but then when we do, we get terrorists crashing planes into skyscrappers. We can't be isolationists because then we're stuck-up and greedy, and we can't be peacekeepers because then we're treading on holy land. What the hell do you want from us then? I say, vote for Yoda!
  10. Floydian


    Lots of variety -- Pink Floyd, of course...but also metal and electronica. It depends on what I'm in the mood for. System of a Down, Metallica, Paul Oakenfold, Chemical Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Moby...lots of variety
  11. I should be possible to do with SP, the same way you do with MP. I'm not entirely certain of the syntax here, so someone can correct me where I'm wrong. Bring down the console, type "devmap XXX" where XXX is the name of the map (view the readme.txt file that was shipped with your game for a listing of default map names). I believe then, you type "thedestroyer", without quotes to enable the blade. Go back to the game, turn on your lightsaber, and see if it worked. Like I said, I have never done this, and am writting this my memory. Check this website for more: http://www2.ravensoft.com/jedioutcast/faq.htm
  12. Fear not...I've been playing JKII with 56K for months, and do so almost everynight. I have not changed any settings to lower the graphics quality or anything, but I do observe the following principles: * Play at night -- better pings. I usually play about 10pm-1am * Play on the lowest ping servers you can * Don't join servers that have a lot of players (no CTF or FFA) * Try and play on Duel servers (99% of what I do), you get better performance because there are only two players to worry about Even with high pings, I can usually play duels with little or no lag. Of course, when lag happens, you're pretty much screwed. Despite these guidelines, I have played many FFA games with 6 or more players and did not have very much lag. It is possible to find a game where you can get a good experience, it all depends on the server you are connecting to. Believe me, the moment AT&T provides cable access (any day now....) I'll be upgrading to cable!!! Don't give up -- think of it this way, imagine how much better you'll be when you don't have to deal with lag? I expect to be at least 50% better. If you win a lot of battles with a slow connection, it should be easier to win with a fast connection, right?
  13. Apparently you really wanted to get this point accross :D I'm glad that XBOX will not be online with JKII, that's just less noobs to worry about, and with the daily deminishing of good servers, less people to crowd the servers. Of course, I probably will not be playing it in 6 months anyway so I really don't care that much.
  14. You did select "Change Avatar", right? When you do, it will say "thank you for updating your profile", and then redirect you to a page where you can change it.
  15. I agree with most of what has been said here, except for one thing. I don't attack people who are typing (look for the blue screen icon over their head). I think it's in pour taste to do so. I usually play in NF servers, so they are NOT recharging their force powers. The other thing that pisses me off is when people immediately charge the other player and start swinging. Geez, give people a chance to get ready! Bowing is good, though some people think it is lame. I usually don't attack someone with their saber down, in less of course they are one of those "turn off - walk towards - turn on and strike" type players. This one guy was doing this to me, and was trying to lure me into a corner where he could do a wall walk and attack, so I threw my saber at him when his saber was off and he got all pissed of at me. So, according to him, it's okay for him to use acrobatic moves to attack me when I'm not ready, but not for me to hit him when his saber is down. Aggressive saber-down players deserve to be attacked. The last thing is, don't be c*cky. No one likes a smartass out there who makes it a point to tell you how good he is after he beats you. And don't download a kill tracker. Kill trackers are for people who need to feel better about themselves by broadcasting that you were their "65th" kill, because they need to make up for some other void in their life.
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