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  1. I've started on a new project. Don't know how far i'll get with it. It's a bit of a change of pace for me, it's not a flying vehicle. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..
  2. Well, I still haven't heard from the people that were making the extra skins for it and I don't feel like waiting anymore. So I went ahead and released it -- http://www.pcgamemods.com/12643/ For anyone that downloaded the beta I posted here before, this one does have a few slight updates to it (nothing really noticeable though) so you'll want to replace the beta with the final release. I guess for the people making the extra skins for it, either release them on your own or get em to me and i'll release em as a pack. manquesa_2@msn.com
  3. I'm done! All i'm waiting on now is for those who have made skins for it to send em to me. As soon as I get em, i'll officially release this thing on pcgamemods. Until then, here's a link to download the latest beta which is basically the final version. Please post any comment and/or bug reports here. Thanks. http://www.gb-bass.com/e3sf/manq-e3jsf-beta.zip Anakins JSF -- /npc spawn vehicle e3jsf_manq Obi-Wan's JSF --/npc spawn vehicle e3jsf_manq_obi
  4. Okay, both the Anakin and Obi-Wan skins are done! It's ingame as a vehicle and I got the shield display and reticles done and all the .veh files and weapons are finished as well. All that's left to do is put in all the damage tags on the ship so it'll spark and smoke when hit instead of showing no damage and make the explosion effects, and make a shader for it, nothing too glossy though, I hate that look. I purposely left out the landing gear because I wanted to give people the option of flying with the wings open or closed. If you take off like normal and let the animation complete you'll be flying with wings open. If you take off just a little bit then push forward and start flying before the animation gets going, then you'll be flying with the wings closed and in this case if there were landing gear the gear would be down as well which is why it's left out. This vehicle also does a pretty sweet barrel roll, this thing is so fun to fly around in. Make sure your using strafe left and strafe right (which I suggest reversing) to take advantage of the barrel roll feature, the best part IMO. Hopefully, as soon as I get the other skins from the 2 people I know of that are making extra skins for it, i'll release it within the next day or 2. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  5. Not much of an update, but I animated the foils to open and I put a new skin on the animated droid npc to better match with obi's vehicle.
  6. I'm thinking they may only be used for long distance flights. I'm pretty sure when Obi Wan flys to Utapua (or however that's spelled) that they showed his ship with the foils open. And that would have been a long distance flight, as opposed to the short distance of the opening scene battle. Right?
  7. Well, I finally got it ingame as a vehicle. There's still a bit of work left to do though. I'm about to start working on the animation of the wing foils but I have a question. In the majority of the video i've seen of these ships flying around, they always have the foils closed. So, when should the foils be open? I can either just have them open up at take off and leave em that way during flight, or I can have them open up at take off and then close again so they'll stay in the closed position while flying. Those are the only 2 possible options. What should I do? Also, I know that the engine exhaust and primary weapon fire should be basically the same as a tie fighter, but what should I use for the secondary weapon fire? Any feedback is welcome. Thanks.
  8. ummm, just thought of it as another point of reference, not to actually be used.
  9. I'm sure you got all the reference you need, but I came accross this today on scifi3d.com. Thought you might be interested to check it out. It's a WIP. http://www.scifi3d.com/wip_details.asp?intGenreID=10&intCatID=13&key=87
  10. Ok cool, but ...... I'm basing this off Obi's Red ship which I have the Hasbro toy of and that comes with the red colored droid. So, if Zappa's statement is true, then is the bronze/copper colored droid used on the Blue version of the Jedi Starfighter (which i'd really be interested in seeing pics of as well)?
  11. I went ahead and took what I got done so far and put it ingame as an Md3 to see how it'd look, plus because i'm giving Sith J Cull Md3's of this ship to use in his map. Not too shabby huh Also, for those that wanted to skin it, here's a link to download the MD3, however my skin isn't entirely done and the bottom half of the cockpit isn't correctly uv mapped at the moment. But I figured i'd give ya something to get started on. Post here, or PM me whatever anyone does please so I can use check em out and eventually include them with the release of the vehicle. Thanks. http://www.gb-bass.com/e3sf/temp-e3sf-md3.zip Oh, if you don't have Md3view for whater reason, you can get that here: http://www.gb-bass.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21
  12. Okay, small update just for updates sake I imported the r2d2 droid from the game into Max and applied the skin made by aron smith for the ep 2 jedi starfighter to make it red. Did this just to fit it to the size of the ingame droid, it won't be part of the actual model, I still plan on using the droid tag to attatch to the droid to the ship ingame. I also worked more on the cockpit today, still need to do the underside of the cockpit though.
  13. Actually, no I didn't know that about Plo Koons ship. Thanks. I'll have to check out that Lego Star Wars game on of these days
  14. Just to show that i'm still working on this I am still working on the skin for the cockpit, as soon as that's done I can work on rigging it to get it ingame. Oh, and yes I am still doing the yellow anakin starfighter but I switched to the obi wan version because I like the looks of that one better. But it'll be released with both skins, plus as soon as I get a glm made of this and my base skins are done, i'm gonna allow a few people to make skins for it as well and i'll release it with all of the skins everone makes for it. Hopefully soon!
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