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  1. I cant handle tight headphones as much as I love good sound, because of my ears, I end up with huge red marks on my kneck for hours.
  2. That could actually get REAAAALLLY annoying. especially from a male point of view.
  3. Its OOOOOOBIIIWAAAAN. Whats good fool, how you been?
  4. I say we kill him like he used to kill his people... you know, run them feet first through a meat shredder... or chop some limbs off and throw him onto a meat hook to bleed out.... Damn
  5. IM just curious if it automatically does those colors when you say NASA *edit* haha guess not. dissapointing.... :-p
  6. So there can be supernatural stuff and ghosts and stuff but there cant be aliens?
  7. Although your point is infact true that neither can be proven, I would say its false that neither are worth getting worked up over, as both are the very root to the theology and theory behind 2 of the most widely accepted ideas behing the orgin of life... there for deffinatly making them worth getting worked up over.
  8. Well believing that God was the beggining of time requires faith, there for making it possible. However, believing that particles suddenly appeared, is not.
  9. I look like Elijah Woods, and ironically I have the same first name. before I kept my hair short I used to look aloooot like him
  10. I just love how all the conspiracy theorists all act as if they have reached some new level of understanding "LIKE OMG I SHAL NEVA BELEEEVE WAT I SEEE!" "THE GOVERNMENT WANTS ME SPLEEN AND HAZ DA KURE 4 AIDS!!!IONE" WE ALL LIVE IN THE MATRIX, DONT BE FOOLED. LAWL
  11. The origonal origin of the particle's that created the big bang came from where exactly?
  12. Firstly any Christian blowing somthing up in the name of God is acting out of their own feelings and emotions and not the teachings of the scriptures, because never in the bible does it make any such statements or demands. Secondly Christians dont get abortion clinic doctors shot, who ever is responsible for that has once again taken scripture entirely out of context. The bible is an incredibly vast book, with many many teachings, some that even counterdict others, which can be quite confusing if not carefully taken into account the context in which they are writen... Because so many people claim they have the bible all figured out, it is impossible to call all christians the same... just because you read or understand parts of the bible, or even practice some of it, does not in any ways make you the same as me, or any other chrisitan.
  13. More old homies! THATS WHATS UP!
  14. If you didnt notice Tie, I joined the forums over 5 years ago, when I was a bit younger. I used to Play JO and JA, and was on one of the top teams on the north american ladder. Not only that but I happen to like starwars alot haha. I come back for the homies and the good talks... I've travled the world a few times and I find it educational to keep and open mind to what people from different places think about different things. Besides that you'll usually find me hangin' out with my boys at shows all over the west coast with friends I've come to meet over the years... haha
  15. The idea isnt the mass within the room though, thats a whole new arguement all together. The whole idea makes sense, but I agree with Tyrion, it would have happened by now
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