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  1. there's an old issue of PC Gamer magazine, the US version, that has the demo with it. I don't remember which one but you could get in contact with them about it and ask for a back issue. Also, you might could email or call Lucasarts and ask them if they know of anywhere to obtain the demo.

  2. This was after the cocytans went into the eye. It says they watched it happen.


    The strategy guide and the game are basically the same thing anyway, the info in the strategy guide is just background info for the game taken from the game designers and writers.

  3. To me, if it didn't have the origional crew in it somewhere, it just wouldn't be The Dig.


    Also, as strange as this may sound, there is nothing else on Cocytus besides the island. It says in the strategy guide that ages ago the polar ice caps melted from a solar flare leaving nothing but the island standing. The island and spires were the top of the tallest mountain on the planet so they were spared. The book contradicts this at one point and says something about other continents as a passing mention.

  4. Originally posted by SpaceMonkey

    On one of the LEC discs was a dos program called ... It allowed you to play the .san files (movie files).


    Look for it on the dig cd, but It might've been another.


    It's not on my copy of the dig. Was it maybe on full throttle? I don't have full throttle.

  5. Here's things I like. :)


    Music-Cocteau Twins, Enigma, Delerium, Enya, Tori Amos, Sarah Mclachlan, some Japanese pop and rock..I like unique, heartfelt music.


    Books-Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Dig by Alan Dean Foster(OF COURSE!), Lucasfilm's Alien Chronicles..I like sci fi and fantasy mostly although other types of books appeal to me as well.


    Movies-Star Wars, Terminator 2, Total Recall, My Demon Lover(DON'T ASK).


    PC Games-Monkey Island Series, the dig(obviously), Unreal Tournament, Uprising, Mechwarrior 2, Dark Forces, Dark Forces2: Jedi Knight, The Sims, Rollercoaster Tycoon..


    Food-Cheese, pizza, tacos, taco salad, egg noodles, ramen noodles, chinese food, etc


    I also love anime, webdesign, drawing(It's my main thing!), etc


    Never mind. Anyway. They aren't SUPPOSED to be gay, but um..there's some odd stuff in the novel. I don't want to sound like a psycho conspiracy theorist or something. I'm mostly just kidding around anyway. I can type out a list if anyone is curious.




  7. I was thinking it'd be The Dig, as in the plot to the game, but with choice elements of the book, as Snubs said, and also with my own ideas and the background info from the strategy guide.

  8. BUYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! *falls out the chair laughing hysterically* HEEHEHEHEHEHEH!!!!!!!!!! :D Err..*ahem* Excuse me.

    I like that part too Schmatz.



    Another um..interesting part..is when Ludger and Boston discover the planetarium. Look at that part Schmatz and see if you can guess why I like that. BYAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! Um. Don't mind me.

  9. Originally posted by Schmatz

    Wow... what an Ozzie...(Snubs that is) hey, the idea is OK, but that's because you like the anime look. So do I, but I know that the Dig REALLY would look bad anime-ish. Sorry :/


    Honestly, I don't want to sound grumpy, but nobody has really been listening to me. :p

    I said anime style-eyes, but not large ones. Small. Small anime eyes. There IS such a thing. Semi-anime style mouths, but not really. Anime shaded and defined hair. But not poofy hair. Or spikey hair. Or big hair. The hair the way it looks in the Dig cutscenes, but shaded like anime.

    Noses drawn the same way as in the cutscenes.

    I wasn't talking about fullout anime here. I know that would look absurd. Especially Boston. Ick! I'm talking about a style which is identifiable as anime but yet not really. Angular and defined and shaded like anime, but NOT anime in the traditional sense.

  10. Originally posted by Schmatz

    Why not animate it the same way as the cutscenes from the Dig? Hello?


    I said it would be half like the cutscenes and half like my own style, if I ever did it. *sighs* Maybe I should give up the idea of ever making a Dig movie considering nobody likes my idea. :(

  11. Originally posted by Schmatz

    Ok, that's enough with the smilies high on crack coccaine...

    anyways some people get sick from even seeing blood, some feel better from it, like myself. The cutting off of Brink's hand was vital to the story because it really gave the best effect of how good, yet how enslaving the life crystals were.


    The blood isn't what made me ill. I'm not a squeamish person. I just disliked the fact that it was Ludger's hand. :p

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