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  1. And so they nerfed the damage on it? One more option in saber duels down the drain.
  2. I am just trying to figure out what move it is. Is it the one where you stab backwards? If so I didnt know you could do it in heavy stance, let alone pivot with it. I only remember doing the backsweep with heavy saber.
  3. I havent played a while but what is this backstab that has everyones panties in a bind? I remember the heavy spin move and the rather useless weak backstab. So what is this supposed cheapness.
  4. I have to agree that absorb needs to be toned down as does drain. Both these skills are a must for either side jedi, which shouldnt be the case. Maybe have absorb work on drain and only on non-neutral powers.
  5. 2 changes need to be done: A)Make Drain heal slower or us more of the drainers force. As it is you can drain all their force and still ahve enough to grip them. B)Make absorb work against drain to punish the foolhardy Dark side players that use it on a blue person. And heal is ntohign compared to drain. As drain can suck person(s) dry of force and heal them to full hp instantly for a fraction of the cost of mana. Anyways grip is easily countered and I never get thrown off anymore.
  6. No. As most people dont respond to my inquiries. They say get your own tactic and then I kick their ass . I mean why not share so that the overall populace at least gets somewhat better. Right now I can go whole games and not die and be on top of the scoreboard. Unless some drain gripper comes and even then absorb works miracles.
  7. I find that absorbing drain doesnt give you force power. And Drain is like heal on crack. Especially on groups of people as you take all their force and your fully healed in a few seconds. Anyways I have been converted to the light.
  8. I know there is the fast crouch attack. The wierd spin regular attack. And the strong heavy lunge that I cant do for the life of me. Is there any other? I have pulled off a heavy spin everyone once in awhile but I have no idea how I did it. And does anyone find the stab backwards mvoe useless? It leaves you wide open.
  9. OMG everyone has stolen my word,uber. I started using that when I first learned german and now it has pervaded the gaming community. Now I have to come up with something new.
  10. First off what is this jumping slash everyone does? Second I saw some guy in multiplayer pull of a crouching spin with a heavy saber and I cant figure out how to do it? It was rather slow so I think it was heavy saber.
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