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  1. Been gone for a real long time. Just thought i'd come see if anything has change. Low and behold, this thread is still alive?!!!?!?!!! Never thought it would last this long. So since my departure, i've been wondering if anything new has been done to the game. I suppose i can just install it and see, but that would require i find the cd. Last time i heard they were releasing a patch and fixing the pull/backstab and yawspeed. Yes that's how long it's been.
  2. The crazy spin script is on the first page, but with the last patch you can't use it anymore. You can still use it on 1.03 servers. Yes there's a way to script that move, but what do you mean a forward leap? You mean the dfa heavy stance finisher? Also there's no way to script a button to change you to redstance from anyother stance. There's a cyclesaberstyle command but that just imitates hitting the cycle styles button. What i mean is there's no way for your script to know what stance you are in and change to heavy automatically.... But there are ways around it, and it ddepends on your answers to the question above. And to add for scripts to the autoexec.cfg, just edit it and add them. I like to put a few line returns between all the scripts so i know whats what.
  3. conform, conform, conform... that's all i'm hearing. I don't choose to do things the way most people do them, becuase i can do them the way i want to. No other reason behind it. I don't play the game for wins/frags, i play for fun. I have fun in different ways. And if you read my first post, i said that this was for learning. I do not use these scripts anymore, becuase i learned to do the moves myself. Yet people who come late in the conversation always miss the point becuase they take the short-cut and read the last page. Voice an opinion and that's that. I'm all for opinions, but for christ's sake get all the info, then make a comment. You look like less of a doofus. Besides, arguing over the internet is like running in the special olympics. No matter who wins, you still look stupid.
  4. Why not be normal? Are you normal? You judge me as "abnormal" becuase i choose to play the game in a different fashion than the "normal" (yourself included) do. You know what that makes me? Different, and do you know what that makes you? Prejudice........... prej·u·dice Pronunciation Key (prj-ds) n. An adverse judgment or opinion formed beforehand or without knowledge or examination of the facts. A preconceived preference or idea. The act or state of holding unreasonable preconceived judgments or convictions. See Synonyms at predilection. Irrational suspicion or hatred of a particular group, race, or religion. Detriment or injury caused to a person by the preconceived, unfavorable conviction of another or others. Now let's look at what cheating means; cheat Pronunciation Key (cht) v. cheat·ed, cheat·ing, cheats v. intr. To act dishonestly; practice fraud. To violate rules deliberately, as in a game: was accused of cheating at cards. Informal. To be sexually unfaithful: cheat on a spouse. I don't see myself as a cheater, nor do i see scripts as cheats. I wrote a program once on my palm to quiz me in certain classes, same as flashcards but without the mess. Did i cheat? And i say with practice because most people need it. And that's what the scripts i wrote for my personal use did, it helped me learn the moves and what works with what. I was one of those girls who like to take things apart when i was younger, not to destroy it, but to find out how it worked, why it worked, and if i can make it work in another way. People like me are the ones who make the world more secure for the chaps like you who label us as threats when we share what we know. Why? Becuase you don't have the knowledge, the time, or the skill. Becuase we aren't like the rest of the world. God forbid Einstein was worried bout what people thought of him with his ideas. I don't post here for people like you, your minds have already been closed for some time now. I'd have better success trying to train an elephant to fit in ballet shoes and a tutu and teaching him a Port de Bras. But, i always accept other's views becuase i'm a bigger person inside, than most. And i do enjoy the bump. Keep em coming. Now about the patch, i have not used it yet, been hooked on warcraft3. But i knew they would fix the spinmove while backstabbing. So i have been working on another spin move, one with the finisher on yellow stance and another on a regular swing on heavy stance. It should look like a break dancing move when i'm done, good for showing off, no more deadly than normal. I just have to find time to dl the patch and install it and try it out. Gotta put down the bong and log off of bnet. Damn blizzard and thier "crack" addicting games. Oh yea, one more thing. I'm not your "bud". I find that alittle more disturbing than when people call me by my first name when i don't know them. That's what last names and/or handles are for. Respect, for all you know i could be your boss from work.
  5. Been gone for sometime now, taking a break.... i come back and see a new patch. And they got smart and change the "spin" move while you backstab. That's great. I thought it was a bug anyway. I see alot of people bumping the thread with flames. Thank you for making this thread to largest one in this forum. For those of you helping and sharing, extra thanks. The idea of this thread was to de-mystify scripts. Scripts are not cheats in any sense of the word. They are not 3rd party programs ment to give an advantage. They don't change memory settings, they can't do anything the normal player can't do (with practice). I must be one of the only humans on this planet that makes/uses scripts for fun. Not to ruin other's fun. But over the net, it's you word against mine, so let's not argue bout it.
  6. Use the say_target command. Not sure if that the command off hand, but there's a say target command. That's prob what you want.
  7. You have syntax errors. Minor ones but those matter. You don't have the commands in quotes. IE; set "darksider" "unbind W; unbind R; unbind Z; unbind V; unbind Q; unbind G; unbind A; unbind T; bind W "force_throw"; bind R "force_pull"; bind Z "force_speed"; bind V "force_seeing"; bind G "+force_lightning"; bind A "+force_drain"; bind T "+force_grip"; bind Q "force_rage"" That would be the correct part, only missed a pair of quotes. Light side should be; set "lightsider" "unbind W; unbind R; unbind Z; unbind V; unbind Q; unbind G; unbind A; unbind T; bind W "force_throw"; bind R "force_pull"; bind Z "force_speed"; bind V "force_seeing"; bind A "force_absorb"; bind G "force_heal"; bind Q "force_distract"; bind T "force_protect"" Hope you see it.. another thing is i don't see you binding a key to use force powers, IE bind Z "force_speed That just switching to that force power, i believe. And you haven't set
  8. yea, the ubove poster is right... look on page 3 i think, for some ideas. There's 2 or 3 turn/backstab scripts
  9. The server was running a mod. Forgot which one it is but i don't think you can do damage while doing it. I'll let Twin quote you with a reply.
  10. I don't mind the pull backstabers... They don't bother me. Hell i manually use pull/push backstab, i don't use a script for it. Using a script for that move just means you have to get in perfect position. The script will (if configured right) turn you exactly 180 degrees and then backstab. I can shave off more time by doing it manually, and if the guy get's up before i get there, i don't backstab, but if you script it, you have to wait till the script ends, usually missing the backstab. See what it comes down to is either you use script to enhance YOUR play, or you enhance your play WITH scripts. There's a difference. One relies on the scripts, the other tweaks thier game play with them. To change to extension you should first open up Windows Explorer. Look on the top drop down menus and look for Tools (near Help). Select Folder options. Then select the tab View. In the window uncheck the option for "hide file extensions of known file types". Then Apply it and go see the cfg file, right click and select rename. Then delete the .txt Done You can save yourself the trouble by saving it as a .cfg file. To do this, write your script in notepad. Select "save as" and in the drop down box under where you type the name of the file (line "save file as"), select "all files". Then enter the name you wish the script to have and put a .cfg at the end of it. It should save as a .cfg file.
  11. Check your extension on the cfg file. If it said it can't be executed it means; A. The file isn't there (in your base directory) B. The file isn't named correctly, you are typing it wrong when exec it or the extension isn't right. It might be named autoexec.cfg.txt On a side not, i hope you are tring one script at a time. Cutting and pasting everything at once will get you confused. Add one then another then another... little by little.
  12. I wouldn't say that, they come across one way, without the ability to improvise (sp?). They do what they were made to do without error, true. But the certain circumstances that they were built for doesn't always happen. Unlike human's ability to "pull something out of your a$$", script don't have an a$$. The last part is right, one button usually. I personally think people called them cheats becuase; 1. They didn't think of it themselves and thus consider it unfair. 2. They don't have the knowledge on how to use them so they consider them unfair. "If i can't use it no one should." 3. They are full of themselves. 4. They have no idea what a script can and can't do. One of these usually applies. You target the enemy and use force push. It's best to wait till they are attacking and using the force. When they fly and fall to the ground you run to them, getting near and turning 180 degrees (you can sometimes get away with only turning 120 degrees) and hit back and attack. If you want a script for it, i'd say no way... too many variables to script it. Can't be done effectively, you don't know if they will fall when pushed, you don't know how far they will fly. Hell they might not even be on the ground by the time you get to them.
  13. Aye, i get ya... i was under the impression that the secondary fire was more powerful becuase you charge it. Without a charge i thought it was just as strong as normal. I also think that there's a zoom in/out animation. So even if it's done really fast, there will be some "delay" as the weapon will zoom out. How would you like it? Bound to a key for that weapon only or as a toggle? Say i use mouse1 to fire all my stuff like normal, woiuld you want it as another button on the keyboard to fire it or as a toggle so that i hit it when i pull the gun out and mouse1 is nor the button that fire the weapon in that fashion.
  14. Good point. I believe the best way to script a saberlock script would be to bind it to the mousewheel. That's the best way to control it. I personally have pull to mousewheel down and push to mouse wheel up. You can easily make a script that with a press of a button, binds the mousewheel up and down to attacks. Then with the same button press, rebinds them to thier previous binds. The only concern there is that you have to press a button to config the script to the mosue wheel, loosing seconds (maybe half a second if you are fast enough). This will not due if you know they have a better written sberlock script. Why not bind a key that when held down, will zoom in and charge the shot. When you let it go it'll fire, then zoom out. With the +/- binds it should be easy as pie. Would anyone use it? If so post here and i'll make it quickly. A single +attack; -attack won't work... That just hit attack once for you. The idea is to get the script to constantly hit attack, untill you deactivate it, without having to wait till the script ends. I still think the mouse wheel would be the best way.
  15. wish i could help, but i can't.... only thing i could tell ya is "trial and error"
  16. My point is do you consider that mouse a cheat?? You can also bind ANYTHING to the buttons, including macros. The win2k drivers work for XP, but you just have to hit apply on the drivers everytime you reboot. No big deal really. It's a ball mouse but well worth the money.
  17. JaraDaj


    ya, that's basically how it's done. You have to be in heavy stance. And you can do it in the middle of ANY heavy stance, just start a swing and in the middle of the swing, hit jump+forward+attack
  18. That's interesting Malinkie, does it work??? Very nice if it does
  19. Also check the name of the variable being used. In this case change is the name along with a number. You shouldn't run 2 different scripts with the same variables... just good practice not to. The values are saved in the games memory and called when needed, if you have 2 different values it will use the last one placed in memory, i believe.
  20. Strafe jumping was a big thing in CS when people learned how to do it. Easiest method is to bind mousewheel down to jump. Then you practice by circle jumping, the tighter you can get the circle to faster you will go. Then practice the other direction. After you get the hang of it you can try going straight. You should hear a single step sound when you hit the ground if you do it right. And you CAN change direction, it's just takes practice. If you want further details i suggest looking for a faq on strafe jumping under CS sites. I don't think it's a big deal in this game, unless speed is needed. But you can always pull/push/grip/blast a player when they do it.
  21. http://www.razerzone.com a mouse that let's you adjust your sensitivity on the fly. Along with X and Y axis control.... What do you think of that?
  22. Try; bind X "+attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack; +attack; -attack" This should stop when you release the button. So in a saberlock, hit it and hold it down. When you win or lose let the button go. Another alternative is to bind it to your mouse wheel, and just scroll... but most of us like to use mwheel for weapon switching. Now you ask, why so many +/- attacks.... well you don't know how long the lock will be, better to have more than less, and if the script stops when you release the button, you won't be stuck till the script ends. Plus you will need the +attack, then a -attack. otherwise the server will think you haven't release the attack button, and just are holding it down. Remember; +attack; +attack; +attack is the same as +attack same goes for; -attack; -attack; -attack is the same as -attack PS. on a side not, sorry i never checked my PMs... didn't realize i had some
  23. heh, stop and think before you say something Cognito. I'm using the same controls everyone else is, except mine is in a different combination than yours. While you look no farther than the setup screen in the game, i've looked beyond that with my imagination. Alas, i'm sure we will never meet so i can no more prove my skill than you can prove your point. Thanks for the bump
  24. I value your concern, that's for the bump. As for the avatar... it's really the only good looking pic of a female i had to choose from. I'll change it for you when i get my digital camera working and put myself in it's place. Just for you *kisses*
  25. Check in the first few pages of this thread, there are some ways, with the help of a script, to win saber locks.
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