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  1. even ur damm signature proved my point about u , ur not the founder its was a joined thing... u went crazy with power !
  2. join ur a good fighter ... and i think at least that u urself would be a very good teacher cuz right now we have more padawans and apprentices then teachers ... now on a happy note we do have leaners who are very knowing of the force and are moving up along the ranks but to be a master they must beat me,darth yoda, and shin jedi in one match not 3 on 1 but they must achieve the better results out of all of us so as u can see being a master in our clan does mean ur good.heheheheh..... and i think u gotta shot at it so why dont u come by sometime and join we could also always ur ideas tooo. we think u would be a great addition along with the other ppl in this forum if anyone wants to join just say so we need more ppl to make our clan huge...........!.1<>!<!>,!><!>!,.,.as,df.as,df glolololololollplpl
  3. that site made me orgasm so many times i cant walk im paralyzed now ouch it hurts that renegade jedi site ... man that thing was good i say that site is high up there on awards id be real happy tho to see a site that match up to that ... even tho this isnt jediknight 2 related this is a friend of mines site for tiberian sun and i think everyone here should take a look at the intro its great ... http://www.westwoodexposed.com it might take some ppl a while to load but i advise them to let it load cuz its worth it if anyone would like to know what programs they used .. they were dream weaver and vid house u can download vid house but its a little big its about 1 gig and they also used paint shop pro 7 hopefully maybe if yoda will let me ill see if i can get a link for my own page maybe and work with those programs so that we can do even cooler things ... it would be interesting to use. but id guess its gonna take me a while to learn
  4. i think we should just try to make everything cool between the countries b-cuz obviously saddam has nuclear weapons and hes not afraid to use them .. we on the other hand wont b-cuz we dont want to kill so many ppl its like ww2 all over again just mass murder .. but if the things keep escaleting i have no doubt in mind that he'll send a nuke here to one of our bigger cities either washingtong D.C. , new york , miami or who knows b-cuz he knows in each of those cities theres at least 1 million ppl some have over 2 million cuz there so big ... and one nuke takes out 250 miles and then another 50 - 100 or so of radiation which kills ppl later so there would be unbelievable numbers of dead .. which i think would suck pretty bad....... well thats my POV
  5. does any clan wanna challenge us???? i wanna fight and we still need a padawan or apprentice for shin jedi so someone plz join if u would like
  6. thanks poll cat this is really cool what ur doing i respect it
  7. dude 'TYRION' man ur full of it man i havent replied in a while cuz i dont care as much about ppl bickering but dude u were the one starting things on those last few pages that was just all u there so dont go blaming things on other ppl . thank u to the ppl who want our things open but i doubt thatll happen cuz its not like he even took out that one thread he took out all of them so obviously theres a thing with him .. w/e and u could look on that page ur self there was alot of flames u just did on that page so dont bring something that ur doing onto other ppl and no i dont hate him i dont talk trash about him its just ppl like u that bad mouth us go into our thread and say stuff to make us mad to get us thrown out ive seen it before .. i dont really care cuz it just made u personally look like a punk .
  8. i actually agree with obi for once its hilarious sorry bout that tho topshot but it is pretty damn funny it looks like iif it was really cheap and yoda just scanned pics in loloololololoool but its hilarious
  9. dark side - light side v.s. dont u seee the differences ???????????????/???!??!?!?! dont know about allies dont u see the difference thats why it makes it so hard to be good guys the force of the dark side is so over powering also tho u said were cheaters i dont know about the whole yoda thing but all i know is i didnt cheat cuz ive only played u once and that was on ur server ...well prolly other times but i cant afford to download while playing 56k would blow up ..lol
  10. whats up with u man ur straight up weird and kind of man why dont u act like u did before now ur acting all soft and happy its like ur happy to hang around a bunch of 14 and 13 yr olds in ur clan damn ur at least our age u should ve joined us it wouldve been fun if u acted the same way used to but now all u guys do over there is just talk to obi about kickin ppl out when they make u mad that sounds real if u didnt realize it makes everything really when ur using happy faces all the time considering ur as old as us man whats is really up with u why dont just for one day listen to me and read what uve read on all ur replies and tell me if they look i mean really man just read what u write its like the 12 yr olds have affected ur mind and all u do now is write things with happyfaces
  11. i liked ur spunk back then kid before u saw the ass light side u would ve been a great asset to our clan and we could have made u alot better but u chose to turn down the darkside i feel tho as u fight with us everytime ur hate is swelling soon u will be back to ur old self and ours u will be it only takes time hahahahahhahahahdfhal;ksdhfl;k;adfkjl;askdjfl;kasdvn,zxcvkvxcilnmasm45223423542342 432k3n4bk2j4kj2bkl342jk3n4
  12. that really hurt my feelings ouch oouchsoaufoiasvlkasjdf heart ache HAHA DONT GIVE A **** PLAN ALL U WANT WEVE BEEN READY FOR U ALL FOR A LONG TIME AND STOP UR a$$ hair combing crap i cant stand some of this crap on here
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